Sony looking to users on how often it should update PS4 firmware

Sony has said it is looking to its users on how often it should update PS4 firmware.

Vice president of product planning Murray Hume explained the publisher has learnt from its mistakes of updating the PS3 too often, but is open to the idea of more frequent updates if users prefer it.

"What we want to see is what people think about this approach and what we've done by going the opposite of what we did with PS3, where we had a lot of updates and it wasn't always the most positive thing," Hume told Digital Spy.

"We've taken this approach, and we'll see what users say. If they want us to change it, then that's something we will consider, but it depends on what the users ask for, at the end of the day."

He added: "One of the main things is, we've learned a lot from our mistakes on PS3, to be honest, in trying to improve on PS4, and we hope we're doing that. But if users tell us they want it different, then that's fine."

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sweendog1482d ago

Its not like the ps3 though. I can still use my system when its downloading an update and most of the time it updates when im at work. Bring the updates as often as possible