Lovely Silver PS4 "Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition" Gets a Japanese Release Date

During a livestream on Nico Nico Square Enix announced the Japanese release date of the beautiful silver PS4 "Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition."

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Aratax1513d ago

Damn I was really looking forward to that slide.

Spenok1512d ago

Japan really does get all the best collectors editions of consoles :/

Aratax1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

It seems they've edited it. They accidentally wrote sliDe, then they made and update notice saying it was meant to be sliMe. They've actually fixed it now. But I do agree with you, i'd love to have a slime ps4. :D

qwerty6761513d ago

i think that console looks kinda ugly, just the grey is eyyyy

much rather prefer black or white in my entertainment center.

miyamoto1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


Metal Slide Edition

the slime kinda looks like sliding Abriel you get a passs....

Anyway DQ Heroes will be awesome on PS4!

Dragons Quest on PlayStation means another generation domination. Enix knows and sticks with the winner every generation.

mydyingparadiselost1513d ago

That's nice, now announce a western release so I can have a PS4 to get hyped for.

jjonez181512d ago

SCEJ stepping it up going into 2015.