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Could Freedom Wars save the PS Vita?

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ValKilmer1505d ago

I honestly I had no idea this was coming out today.

PoSTedUP1505d ago

ditto, and ive been anticipating this since first announcement. looks cool, prob gonna get this after im done with akibas trip.

r211505d ago

Ah, Sony, like always forget to market their dang vita games. I do hope the game sells well enough.

Apocalypze1505d ago

Microsoft spends more money on advertising the xbone console than sony for its ps4; i think u know where am going with this

Blastoise1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

"Could Freedom Wars save the Vita?"

*Sigh* Can't we just talk about a Vita game without viewing it as a potential saviour for once?

Anyway, really looking forward to playing this

Spenok1505d ago

Seriously. They need to stop predicting EVERY Vita game to "SAVE THE VITA." Just talk about the game and it's faults and it's successes like every other game.

I've been looking forward to this game since they announced it. Here's hoping it's good.

Spotie1504d ago

Well, the Vita has to be doomed. Not exactly sure why, but that has to become reality. So every game must be looked at as succeeding or failing to achieve that goal.

Chaos_Raiden1505d ago

Good review. Will definitely getting this game tomorrow.