Sunset Overdrive: Jesse Pinkman Easter Eggs "YEAH B*TCH"

Early on in the world of Sunset Overdrive you are tasked with helping a slovenly young entrepreneur named “Jess” with this “cook.”

Turns out he’s making Vodka- but Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad would STILL be proud.

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Samsara821481d ago

haha even the music intro to the guy...they also mentionned elsewhere in the game..."Is your streetname Eisenberg?" talking about the scientist that makes your amps

VoiceMale1481d ago

Haha insomniac do have a great sense of humor....this game is awesome by the way..

Not a single review i read so far stressed resolution...the main theme was how fun and creative this game is...

Hats goes off to the Dev team...a job well done

Samsara821481d ago

well said....i played the game this morning....a lot of fun, looks and feels great!

N4GDgAPc1481d ago

Was never planning on buying it. Watching videos I just can't see how this can hold me up to finish a game especially when I hear there pretty much hardly any story. Seems repetitive.

But with the new deal for Xbox one $350 bundle I might buy one. Since SO is the only exclusive bundle since ps4 is my main of choice for multiplat games I might be able to try it out.

I hated Halo when I first played it back in the day. Tried to like it but couldn't. Then I played Destiny's Beta and liked it. I wonder if my taste buds have changed so I would like to try out Halo remastered again. Hopefully I can enjoy it this time.

martinezjesus19931481d ago

That is so effen awesome!! As a huge Breaking Bad fan I find this to be the most awesome thing ever! Cant wait to play own this game

TheUberAsian1481d ago

In the thumbnail of the post, I could see Jesse playing the main character of Infamous SS

Kal-V31481d ago

They should change the name of the game to Sunset Pandering. Game does look fun though.

PureSophistry1481d ago

I enjoyed this pun WAY to much

Kal-V31481d ago

That's essentially what's bothering me about the game. It's so "in your face" about everything. Hey, remember Portal, than look at this reference we have of it. Hey remember Bill and Ted... and so on.

viperman2401481d ago

Would you say that also applies to borderlands?

Kal-V31479d ago

With Borderlands, it's a little less so. It actually feels like references rather than just pure pandering. and most of the stuff was hidden, here it seems that its everywhere. Hell, every respawn is a pop culture reference of some kind.

gangsta_red1481d ago

This guy will forever be known as Jesse Pinkman.

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