Can Call Of Duty Ever Really Disappear?

Maybe the franchise is just too ingrained in popular culture for it to ever completely disappear. And really, when you think about it, is that such a bad thing?

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venom061509d ago

hell YEAH, it can disappear.. as soon as the CoD fanboy review sites like IGN, etc hyping it to hell and aback stop sucking on it like a $2 tramp for views and biased reviews.. ever since that site gave that COPY AND PASTE MONSTROSITY MW3 a high review score, we all knew their agenda as far as CoD goes.. so whenever they decide to stop hype it beyond belief (only for folks to be disappointed as hell later: see Ghosts), then it will go away. But until it stops getting that biased CoD fanboy love from IGN, etc, it aint going nowhere.

dcj05241509d ago

Blackk ops was the last good COD, i remember it clearly, i click on a MW2 montage video and didn't question it until i re-read it and it said MW3. Black ops 2 was ok but weapons were too imbalanced for me and i knew ghost would be 4/10 trash.

Last chance Activision.

Jughead34161509d ago

As unpopular as COD is becoming, it still has a faithful fan base that makes it still one of the highest selling games on the market.

3-4-51509d ago

* Different Dev Team
* Their First Main COD Game as a team
* Full 3 year Development cycle.
* Next Gen ONLY ( for this studio )
* Biggest change to COD since going from COD3 to COD4:Modern Warfare ( Exo skeleton )

I think Sledge has added pressure to really make a quality game more than IW or Trey, because it's their first and they will be under a microscope with this game.

* They haven't developed a successful COD game yet, but they also haven't been responsible for some of the things that made people not like COD anymore.

* Go into COD:AW with an open mind.

AiirJordann231510d ago

Lol if they stopped making it

llxKonanxll1510d ago

With how much money it reels in.. not a chance. The fan base is too wide; people will buy Call of Duty just for namesake.

Summons751509d ago

And that's the problem. People buy it for namesake. Were on Cod 4.11 and the games get worse each game. If we stop buying Activision will have to step up their game or let it die like Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk series. All series fade away at some point its only a matter of time and Cod is past it's expiration date.

n4rc1510d ago


Its just the series of the times.. Cod was laughed at when it first came out..

Its the twitch shooter everyone plays.. And people only buy it because they know everyone else will.. It'll disappear into memory once a true contender comes out..

Titanfall was close... It lacked content and being multiplatform.. But its something along those lines that will come out and everyone will jump on that..

Nothing lasted forever.. Quake, UT, CS etc.. All fell from popularity eventually..

The Meerkat1509d ago

Many people don't like sci-fi.

I'm excited about AW but I have friend who say it all looks a bit Haloy

hennessey861509d ago

"Cod was laughed at when it first came out" WAIT WHAT!!!the original COD was an epic world war 2 shooter and no one was laughing at it. Granted the game has gone down hill since Cod 4 but advanced warfare is looking promising

n4rc1509d ago

I never said it wasnt fun.. But the bf and cs crowd wanted nothing to do with it.. Dod was better.

hiredhelp1509d ago

COD Is like FIFA we may compete atainst them but we never kill them off unless the company does so.

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The story is too old to be commented.