Analyst Believes Call of Duty Has Peaked, Sales Will Continue To Decline

Cowen and Company looked at data on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare preorders, and compared this with the preorder and sales numbers for the last few titles, before coming to this conclusion.

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MRMagoo1231513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I just hope the decline means devs move away from trying to only do fps games, last gen was a drag with mostly fps being made imo

Yeh its a good start, I want all genres to flourish but last gen was controlled by FPS and I hated it, I did enjoy a bunch of the FPS games but it seemed thats all anyone wanted to make, I an hoping this gen with the extra ram and gpu power the new consoles have we get a nice amount of open world games including open world Jrpgs.

HeWhoWalks1513d ago

I think that shift has already begun. Thus far, this gen doesn't feel like it's headed in that direction, with many different types of genres seeming to be getting treatment (and the survival horror sub-genre looks to be returning - yay!).

itBourne1513d ago

The problem isnt that everyone wants to do an fps, the problem is the WoW effect all over again... publishers do not want to make their own game, they want to make CoD again. Even when they do have a good game in their hands, they infect it with the CoD syndrome thinking it will hit the mass market and make them more money.

Bobby Kotex1513d ago

I wouldn't turn my back against an entire genre. There just isn't too much innovation going on. Games like Superhot give me hope.

poppinslops1513d ago

These are the same guys who predicted Destiny would sell 'at least 15 million' copies...

All they do is make suppositions based on pre-order data.

TheFanboySlayer1513d ago

I don't think we need an analyst to tell us COD has peaked -__-

MrSwankSinatra1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Pretty much. CoD hit it's peak with MW3 and it's been downhill ever since. Granted CoD selling worse is better than most games best sales. It'll take time before the activison effect fully takes over CoD. Same thing happened with guitar hero, tony hawk and will probably catch up with skylanders as well.

MajorGecko1513d ago

prepare for the future!!! indies all day!!!!! WOOOOO

AngelicIceDiamond1513d ago

It was bound to happen.

The thing is if this COD is any better than Ghost, and if this COD innovates on some level, then I can see this COD climbing back up the sales charts like previous CODS.

If people don't like it then they won't be sticking around or picking it up. They'll just be a bunch of COD in denial that its a good or supposedly different game.


itBourne1513d ago

To bad it was 6 years to late and already completely fucking desecrated the competitive shooter genre = /

And people wonder why I play League and SC2, there isn't a legitimate competitive shooter on the market...

KyRo1513d ago

This year they've tried to mix COD up a bit but a lot of people, more so the casual gamers who I have on Facebook seem to dislike the futristic setting.

Retroman1512d ago

if-only-Dev.-get-the-hint-open -world-fps-gaming-is-dying
bring-back-old-school-style-g aming.


3-4-51512d ago

* Initial first 2 week sales will be down compared to last 2-3 COD games.

* After that, once word of mouth gets out that COD:AW is much better than Ghosts ( if that is the case), then the sales will pick up and they will have a nice increase in sales from week 2-3 and throughout 2014.

* It would basically alter how the sales usually happen and when the peaks happen.

* Once it's Prove...if it's proven, that COD:AW is better than ghosts....then and only then will the sales pick up at a rapid pace and prove these analysts wrong.

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ritsuka6661513d ago

This shit of franchise have ruined one entire generation. I hope this game disapear forever of video game market.

DeadlyOreo1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Can you elaborate? How has it ruined anything? People always have to hate on what's popular.

@Zordon below

-Day early access
-Double XP
-1 free bonus map
-2 free guns
-Advanced arsenal bonus

I'd say that's a pretty decent preorder bonus, try doing some research first.

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Jaqen_Hghar1513d ago

A man hopes those sales get spread out more and not turned into ios sales or no sales.

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