Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Splinter Cell & Watch Dogs – One and the Same?

"Ubisoft has a fine portfolio of games, just looking through their catalogue of titles shows why the publisher is succeeding where many have failed, but is the secret to success repetition?"

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Zizi1507d ago

No, they aren't the same. All of them have their uniqueness.

Kumomeme1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

not sure about AC unity,
but between previous assasins creed and watch dog,it had several similiarities

like chasing bad guy,
there are police/guards coming and other stuff
there are quite similiarities on the gameplay script

but surely it doesnt mean those game were same,it common for game to had similiar gameplay features,especialy if it was made by same company..same for batman and middle earth

but thing is,ubisoft games really full of repetitive and generic content
and might be same things across

LightofDarkness1507d ago

I've pointed this out before; their games are becoming very formulaic and all share the same basic open world design. The perspective may change, the story and presentation may use different framing and locales and the pointless collection items may look different, but the games at their core are extremely similar. Ubisoft bseem to believe they hit their winning formula, which is why FC4 is more FC3.5. This won't last long, Ibelieve. Gamers will start to see through the façade after this holiday refresh, I'd say.

brich2331507d ago

It worked for call of duty!

Ron661507d ago

I love Ubisoft, enjoyed all their games except for A,Creed. After brotherhood, everything was boring. But Splinter cell and Watch Dogs are great. Rayman was amazing!! How many companies you know can pull this off? As a gamer i am very pleased with Ubisoft.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231506d ago

Have you tried Black Flag, Amazing game.

bauer0071507d ago

Its so true... Copy and Paste!