Sunset Overdrive: Can Insomniac Sell On Microsoft Hardware?

OnlySP: Sunset Overdrive is about to drop and the reviews are mostly stellar. I have to admit I was skeptical about this one but after the character redesign it was starting to look a bit better. The high scores are good news for the talented crew at Insomniac after their last game Fuse landed with a thud. It seems these guys are at their best when they go exclusive on hardware.

So now that they have a top notch exclusive on a Microsoft system instead of a Sony one I’m left wondering if the dev will find a better home for sales there.

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1stPersonHuman1513d ago

I bet so. If word of mouth is enough, the game should sell great. Along with the bundle, which is now $349 starting November 2nd

360degrees1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Inadequate sales would truly be a shame for all supporters of such a great company like Insomniac and their countless talented employees. Realistically, I fail to see any direct reasoning or correlation as to why them deciding to solely commit to Microsoft Corporation would negatively effect them in general or overall. In my opinion it was almost as if Insomniac as a whole appeared to be growing increasingly frustrated with the lackluster sales (possibly due to sony's minimalist approach towards last generation's video game advertising) they were constantly receiving by deciding to maintain exclusivity with sony which extended to their past iterations of Ratchet and Clank, and the entire Resistance franchise. It was painfully obvious that although the niche crowd would appreciate the games they decided to release, they would constantly fail to show their support through actual monetary donations towards their future projects. Clearly Insomniac have come to their senses and realized that to truly achieve great average scores of 9+ (Which is currently underway), while being received by a great committed fan base who willingly compliment this commitment with great overall sales, then the obvious choice was always Microsoft towards assisting them to achieve this clear strategic vision. Regardless of the incoming disagreement sure to follow from my fellow gamers, I believe we can all come to agreement that this is indeed a great time for Insomniac, who have always had great fleshed out ideas and vision, but were simply lacking that much needed the proper backing/advertising and cooperation from a great company like Microsoft Corporation.

Eonjay1513d ago

So you are saying that you think it will sell. Got it.

ger23961513d ago

So what sales number will define it as a success? After all the points you made, there are no excuses for it to not sell well.

polloloco1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

You win the corporate slave award of the day , where would you like it shipped to ?

MRMagoo1231513d ago

I love it when people try to make a wall of text to seem smart, yet don't know what a paragraph is.

rodelthegreat1513d ago

". . .such a great company like Insomniac and their countless talented employees."

I'm sure they have counted their employees.

URNightmare1513d ago

For some reason, I read your comment with Major Nelson's voice.

Is that you?

RedDevils1513d ago

360degrees, I bet you're one of those people who talk all kind of shit about Ratchet and clank, guess what it not on MS system which make it shit

Jason_Plays_PC1513d ago

@360degrees .. Nice wall of text Phil.

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tgunzz1513d ago

A very creative, fresh, exciting, and well executed new IP. It should do great. I have mines...

memots1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

id say yes it can. Its the first time i see so many commercial on T.V for a game. Say what you will about MS they sure know how to hype and put a game out there.

Its on a lot of channels here, I have yet to see any commercial for DriveClub is there any? Also Insomniac never had commercial on T.V for Rachet or Resistance.

So yes it can and will sell.

Oh yeah lets not forget the mouth frothing from some people also helps.

Kingoftherodeo1513d ago

wanna know why you hardly saw any driveclub commercials all the money spent on destiny commercials

Bigpappy1513d ago

That's a stupid fan boy question. What does who make the hardware have to do with a game's selling potential? Eg. Will Diablo 5 sell better on Dell or HP?

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Eonjay1513d ago

"So now that they have a top notch exclusive on a Microsoft system instead of a Sony one I’m left wondering if the dev will find a better home for sales there."

Objectively, the answer is no only because is selling to a smaller base. However I don't see why it still can't sell good on that system.

Bill_Willson_CIA1513d ago

install base is not the only problem.

there is a demographic problem too!

If you look for playstation 3 and x360 software sales you'll see that Playstation fan base is way more friendly with experimental new ips(indies and AAA) than xbox's.

Eonjay1513d ago

I understand what you are saying, but with the right amount of advertizing anything is possible. Forza Horizon 2 only sold 100k on Xbox One (in US). Was that because of demographics, or brand status? All valid points but I do expect it to sell better than Forza. I want to see people supporting New IP. Now, Watch_Dogs, Titanfall, and Destiny show us that it is possible.

Elit3Nick1513d ago

Remember that recorded sales are only for physical copies, it sold much more that that combined

Masterchief_thegoat1513d ago

eonjay where did you get the fh2 number at from vgchart lol cuz ms has not yet told us nothing. ssod will sale not 2 million, but i hope it sell million is good because ssod and bayonetta are great game. not that overhype driveclub

BitbyDeath1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

@MasterChief, numbers were from NPD and were 120k (Xb1+360)

Dunno why it didn't sell given all the hype over it. (At least here anyway)

Links -

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ghostface91513d ago

@bittydeath even if those numbers are right from the leaked ndp the game released on the 30th so in 2 days that game got a 120k in 2 days just in the US and it sold big in europe so dont start with the bullcrap on that game isnt selling its no destiny but it will sell fine

BitbyDeath1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

That 120k is both 360 and XB1 sales combined so even if the XB1 was able to push half in that timeframe then it is still only 60K and given the differences in userbase sizes sold it more likely sold less than 60k on XB1

You are right about it only having a few days on the market though but generally the most sales come from the first few days. Guess we will find out if it fared better in Octobers NPD.

Anyways enough with the doom and gloom, I hope SO sells very well.

HaydenJameSmith1512d ago


Nearly every single big AAA game has sold on 360 and X1 has sold better on X1 thus far, Destiny, Titanfall, you name it... FH2 is no exception... It will do much better on X1 than 360. No point in making out like the 360 Userbase is still the same amount of people the consoles has sold when were in Next Gen now, most of those Next Gen owners has a 360 or PS3 or both... there not gonna buy FH2 on 360 if they have X1 and if they have a PS4 they will probably buy DriveClub.

And yes those NPD numbers only include a short part of FH2's release, I'm sure it has done very well in the month of october... Its not gonna be a fast seller like CoD or Halo but it is one of those driving games that you will pick up if you want a really good driving game between now and christmas.

imt5581511d ago

NPD tracked FH2 for 5 days. And FH2 didn't sold big in Europe. Around 200k in 1 month in UK.

WilDRangeRfc1512d ago

Xbox gamers actually support the devs and buy exclusives as shown last gen and will be the same this gen,don't worry you can wait for free exclusives on PS+ in two years time

ziggurcat1513d ago

yes, they obviously can.

IWentBrokeForGaming1513d ago

I believe Sony let them go One cause their games always lacked that "it" factor!

KiwiViper851513d ago

Seems they needed to leave Sony to find "it" again.

NegativeCreep4271513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Gee I wonder why Xbox gamers are suddenly placing Insomniac up on a pedestal??? I thought they would have just ignored them just like they ignored Bungie and their latest game Destiny...

KiwiViper851513d ago


Destiny sold really well on Xbox One...

I'm just saying maybe a bit of freedom was needed.

2pacalypsenow1513d ago

If "IT" mean making a game similar to infamous then meh.

Still getting it tho with that white xbox console

I_am_Batman1513d ago

Not sure what you're talking about. I guess you haven't played many Insomniac games then.

IWentBrokeForGaming1513d ago

I played the entire Resistance franchise along with Rachet & Clank on my PS3... Only really had a real blast with Resistance 1

BitbyDeath1513d ago

Resistance 2 and 3 do cop a lot of flak but I wouldn't say they were actually bad games, just not insomniac good.

lemoncake1513d ago

In the run up to the holidays it should sell well, it is a perfect game for this time of year.

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