Playstation to Receive SD Card Adapter, Possibly by Year’s End

Carl Williams writes, "We have recently covered similar SD card adapters for other platforms so it is only fitting to cover the Playstation version that is currently in the works by the talented team behind the “PSIO”. PSIO stands for Playstation Input/Output for those that don’t know and it could be out by the end of the year."

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Dudebro901330d ago

Lawsuits will be filed.

Benjammin251330d ago ShowReplies(1)
MajorGecko1330d ago

imagine if they managed to make a ps3 with all the games on the harddrive and no need for a disc like the xbox orig's back in the day when people hacked them.

PirosThe4th1329d ago

I am pretty sure that exists dude.

MajorGecko1329d ago

i doubt someone has a ps3 with every single game released on the harddrive illegally

OculusRift1330d ago

I thought this was for the Vita :(