Destiny’s Reward System Needs Some Serious Overhauling

As Destiny continues to make improvements its reward system suffers and holds back this title from reaching its potential.

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OUROSMAG1509d ago

The best rewards in the game are those earned in VOG. You gotta work for that even though everyone is cheesing Templar and Atheon now.

CorndogBurglar1509d ago

The best rewards are in VoG as long as long as you find the treasure chests.The acthal rewards you get for beating it are cosmetic crap.

In my opinion, the Nightfall rewards are the best, as you have a high chance of getting an exotic item just for finishing it.


When you say only "cosmetic" you do know that it's the only armor in the game right now that will get you up to 30?

You do also know you can get the raid weapons from beating the bosses right???

you can also get exotics from beating the bosses...

just pointing that out.

CorndogBurglar1509d ago

@ DarkWitness

I've never gotten anything like that for beating the bosses. If you can then cool. I've onlg ever found the armor in treasure chests.

Griever1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

The reward system is really discouraging. I have been playing the game since launch so I have put in hundreds of hours. However, now I am growing tired of doing the same missions over and over again in search of items I need. Unfortunately I am not getting them even after countless tries or am getting items for another class. I have only ever gotten 2 Legendary Engrams and only one of them gave me a Legendary gear. My Decoherent Engrams have never given me a Legendary item and always give me the same Knight Type items. I have grown really tired of trying for so long and getting nothing for it. The weekly, daily and nightly strikes not having any matchmaking is also very discouraging. I want to do them but I don't have anybody to do them with. As a result, I rarely play the game now. Most of the players on my friends list have also vanished so I am left alone. Now I am waiting for some kind of fix or an update to bring me back.

sevilha821509d ago

Did you even played the game?that "cosmetic crap"is the only armor that gets you to lvl 30...
besides the rest of the reward such as some of the best weapons in the game ,possible exotics,and legendarie matierials.

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RyanShutup1509d ago

We beat him last night legit with only 5 guys... heh. #endbragging #normalmodewhatevs

--Onilink--1509d ago

the only problem is that even in the VOG, there is no guarantee you will get at least 1 piece of raid armor. I have already completed 3 times with my friends, and me and another friend have yet to get a single piece of raid gear. That friend actually only got shards the last time we did it...he was really pissed

Clarence1509d ago

That's what happen to me. BS if you ask me.

jdiggitty1509d ago

I've run it 10x and only need mittens now but there are a couple on my teams that STILL haven't gotten armor. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but the fireteam leader hit on all armor in 3 weeks on both teams.

--Onilink--1509d ago

nope, i was FT leader last time and got nothing (well Red Death at the end, but i dont care about exotics at this point, i want the raid gear to level up)

There should really be a guaranteed piece of raid gear for completing the Raid, and leave the rest to random

3-4-51509d ago

The Best reward in Destiny is trading it in to Gamestop for $40 8 days after it's release.

Taking that $40 and buying Forza Horizon 2.

THAT was the best reward Destiny gave me.

* Solid game for a week. I really thought I was in it for the long haul.

Very rarely has a game ever gotten me do excited and hyped and then let me down.

I didn't even listen to the reviews....I bought it and enjoyed it a lot for a week.

I then had literally no desire to play it.

I tried to force myself and that lasted 2-3 rounds of multiple and 10 minutes of wandering around.

Didn't even finish the story as it was boring.

* I'm hoping some of these Destiny Dev's break off and form their own group.

They have talent at that studio for sure....I don't think the management knows what to do with them though.

Zach0141509d ago

I actually went a different rout I currently hit rank 2 In Monarchy I know you wondering why Monarchy to tell the truth No real reason just wanted to lol Thought id be someone different lol

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Phene1509d ago

Yeh the reward system is horrendous. I went from liking this game to absolutely hating it. Twice now I've gotten yellow armor for a class I don't play. Seen random people do worst then me and get yellow drops in the crucible. Destiny had so much damn potential, except it turned out be an extremely repetitive nonetheless polished game, and don't get me started on the story...

theDivision1509d ago

What? You don't like a story that is only 8 hours long and has maybe 3 voiced characters? (sarcasm)

jdiggitty1509d ago

I still have no idea what/who "the Darkness" is after replaying the story 40x by now. ugh

SnakeCQC1509d ago

I have three exotic weapons and all of them are outclassed by my other legendary weapons(which were also considerably easier to get) seriously WTF

kneon1509d ago

I've got 4 exotics left, I've dismantled 3 or 4, and the only one I've found that is really useful is the Truth rocket launcher with its lock on ability. Pocket infinity seemed good at first but then I got a legendary fusion rifle I liked better after a few upgrades.

orakle441509d ago

Try to get Suros, its soooo good.

kneon1509d ago

I don't use auto rifles so it doesn't interest me. About 33000 out of my almost 54000 kills are with hand canons and scout rifles. I mainly only use other weapon types when absolutely necessary.

DillyDilly1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Starting next week the Destiny servers will be next 2 empty due 2 Call Of Duty & every game coming out after Call Of Duty. The complaints will soon be kept 2 a minimum because people wont be playing it

Perjoss1509d ago

The word 'to' is really not that long dude.

DillyDilly1509d ago

I blame Twitter since you got 2 be creative with their 140 character limit

kneon1509d ago

I'll keep playing until AC and LBP

Blues Cowboy1509d ago

The reward system is fine IMO, the problem is that the meat of the game needs to be put in: story, set pieces, characters and world building.

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