DisasterClub: picking up the pieces from the DriveClub debacle

VVV: "I can’t help but sympathise with Evolution in what must be a highly stressful time after an already troubled development. Staff morale must be at an all-time low - it must be heart-breaking for them to see DriveClub, a new IP a passionate team of people have clearly put their heart and soul into for several years, crash and burn so spectacularly.

The passion poured into this project is eye-opening when you watch the game’s credits, revealing a mass of heartfelt, personal messages from individual team members thanking their loved ones for their support during the demanding working hours away from home. “You can have your dad back now,” one tragically reads. It’s a grim reminder of the long man-hours it often takes to develop a Triple-A game which is often overlooked."

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okmrman1507d ago

if it was an xbox flopped game you sure wouldnt defend it
obvious fanboy

xHeavYx1507d ago

If it was an Xbox flopped game, you sure would defend it. Obvious troll

1507d ago
die_fiend1506d ago

Lol this wouldn't happen on Xbox, they test things first?

That's classic. Maybe you missed the original Xbox announcement. They 'tested' that by telling gamers how they'd be playing and the result is being in firm last this generation. At this rate, it'll be lucky to overtake the Wii U

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1506d ago

I'm not defending Sony or Evo. What I am saying is that everyone knows that DriveClub had a horrible launch and the servers are having problems, so what exactly is the point of posting 30 or 40 articles that merely repeat the same thing? DEAD Horses aren't meant to be beaten...

DriveClub servers are broken and need to be fixed time to move on to something else. If I posted 50 articles that repeated the simple fact that the Xbox One has problems getting games to work at 1080p and 60 fps simultaneously how annoyed would you and others get?

OldDude1506d ago

There have been A LOT more than 50 articles about X1 and 1080p. And by the way, how many games does Sony have that are 1080p/60 as well? And lets not count indies.

LamerTamer1503d ago

@Messiah23 "It would not happen on Xbox they actually test stuff before they release it."

Yeah that is why the Halo MCC needs a 20 GB patch right? And I suppose all xbone games never need patches to fix problems either right?

Oh they do? then so much for them testing stuff before release.

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andibandit1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I like how almost every week in the six months up to release there was a:
and now like everyday since release theres been a
"DC DISASTER" Article on N4G

fanboys apparently dont have a problem with the constant hype for this game, but now that the news is bad, we are beating a dead horse?.

GodGinrai1507d ago


couldnt have said it better. I remember the same people hyping this up, turning up in FH2 threads and dissing the game at every opportunity. And that was just two weks before DC launched, right when FH2 was getting rave reviews from everybody.. And now the SAME people cry foul, when DC gets picked apart.

what goes around comes around, I guess. N4G makes me laugh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1506d ago

Everyone feel free to let me know if you find this post annoying and why...


It's annoying for the same reason 60 articles about DriveClub's online functions not working properly are annoying...


gangsta_red1506d ago

That's because most PS4 gamers put graphics before gameplay. All we heard before DC and FH2 was released was how DC's graphics were superior and would blow FH2 out the water.

Then the delay came. And ALL assumed it was to make this game the masterpiece that everyone was hyping it up to be.

Then FH2 came out and the Sony camp said, just wait for the definitive racer ... Driveclub.

Then news broke that the game was 30fps...strange that most dismissed it, even some saying it wasn't necessary for a racing game. Right there warning bells should have went off.

Then it released, not only was the PS+ free version held back but online was broken, features were missing and a small selection of cars was available.

Disaster is pretty accurate for a game that was held up on the shoulders of the sony crowd and paraded before it was even released.

Also hilarious that 60+ articles can be submitted to N4G of MS selling Xbox, Government spying using Kinect, MS paying for TR, but any article about sony and it's "leave Sony alone!"

1stPersonHuman1507d ago

This game likely recieved too much hype to begin with. While Evolution Studios had a decent game with Motorstorm, was it enough to give way to the hype for Driveclub? Yes, the game looked beautiful, however the lack of quantity of cars should have been the first sign that maybe this game wasn't a top-of-the-line exclusive. Now if it was Naughty Dog who released a terrible game, this amount of concern over quality would be justified, however I think it is better to forget DriveClub, and simply remember that just because a game is an exclusive doesn't mean it has to be good

creeping judas1507d ago

Whose responsible for the hype?

caseh1507d ago

Everyone, journalists for posting the news and fanboys for screaming 'OMFGZZzzzzz!, GRAFIX, DAY ONE PURCHASE FOR ME!'

In the run up to a release, anyone stating they are wary about a game gets shot down by 99% of the people posting on that article because it... oh wait for it, omfg graphixzzz

Industry is currently a joke, not a very funny one either.

Caffo011506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

actually everyone is bashing the game because of the online, but now it works, and i'm playing everyday and i love it. It doesn't deserve so much hate, i'm just sad a lot of ppl won't play it because of all this negative reception, in the meantime, a lot of ppl who bought it are playing and don't understand why it is so poorly received.
When psplus edition finally releases you all will have a chance to try it and you'll be surprised, mark my words.

qwerty6761507d ago

definitely the worst launch this year of any game.

bf4 comes to mind but couldn't you at least connect online fine it was just buggy?

idk who should be blamed for this. how much freedom did sony give evolution?

but sony excs cant be happy right now that they had to fund another year of development for this game only to see it released this way.

2cents1507d ago

Another day, another DC article.

From reading this one, all I gather is that Evolution think of servers as magical dimensions that have no format of understanding.

Who would have thought that having a cloud network as part of the console platform would be a good idea, oh that's right, Microsoft did.

Come on Sony, get that Gaikai to run your online severs, PROPERLY!

Redempteur1507d ago

you want gaikai to run matchmaking and leaderboard servers ?


You failed to understand what servers are

2cents1506d ago

Well, I did generalise Sony's Cloud servers, Data Centres and Gaikai's streaming service as one infrastructure under the name of Gaikai so my bad.

What I actually want to run, is DC on my PS4. But that feat seems impossible at the moment.

And the point of my post is actually what you are trying to poo poo me for, which is the fact that:

Sony and Evolution failed to understand what servers are.


Redempteur1506d ago

funny since i'm actually playing DC on my PS4 and that my club reached lv 19 last night .
funny that you fail to realise that , aside from the challenges between players/club , everything else is working even if it's still not perfect.

cruzngta1507d ago

As a PS4 owner I will man up and admit this has been the most pitiful and embarrassing game launch I have ever seen. Period. No sugar coating shit here. We waited a year for this game and it shipped with NO weather No mods to cars AND STILL NO ONLINE. At all. Whatsoever. Yes it looks great graphically and yes you can still play it and its a solid racer in many ways BUT....the whole point of this game was THE SOCIAL aspects. Without an online connection it makes this game pretty much null and void. What is ridiculous to me and many others is the fact that Evo and Sony have still not gotten the online fixed 100%. They either cant do it or just arent trying hard enough and if thats the case then this is just to the point where people need to get complete refunds to instill ANY hope of future trust in the companies.

Caffo011506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

still no online? did you even try to connect? it does work now, with some hiccups sometimes, but still.

LamerTamer1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

The whole problem is this game was rushed out unfinished (I know that sounds odd for a game delayed a year, but it should have been delayed longer).

No weather, other missing features and yes the broken online. If you buy a game on disc, it should be the FULL version, weather and all. Wouldn't it be better to wait a few months longer and have the full and complete working version?

This is a problem with the whole industry, release a broken incomplete piece of crap now, patch later. Why buy ANY game at launch? You will just be playing a bug-fest. It is better to wait a few months until the bugs are fixed. This pretty much makes these consoles internet required devices as well.

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