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Tyler Mitchell, GIZORAMA - "Punk rock, bright colors, zombies, robots, pirates, ninjas, and apocalyptic marauders all contribute to one of gaming’s looniest concoctions in years, one that sounds like a teenager, amped up on Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks, threw all of his favorite things into a blender and poured the mixture into his Xbox. Sunset Overdrive is pretty much everything your stereotypical gamer would want in a game, and, surprisingly, it manages to handle all of this material and maintain a certain sense of focus, one that is rarely found in these types of games.
Sunset Overdrive takes place in Sunset City, a medium-sized open-world city with thousands of powerlines, handrails, and abandoned cars to make your trek from one side of the map to the other as enjoyable and fast-paced as possible. Sunset City is home to Fizz Co., a Coca-Cola sort of mega-corporation, who has just unleashed it’s newest energy drink, Overcharge, unto the masses. After throwing a huge party in Sunset City, it becomes clear that Overcharge has a few… side effects… essentially turning anyone who drinks it into a crazed zombie-type monster called OD. Things happen and suddenly we find ourselves in the throes of an apocalypse."

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