PS4 Update 2.0: "Share Play" Tested by The Japanese Press - Impressions on Lag and Pictures Shared

Tomorrow the 2.0 firmware update for the PS4 codenamed “Masamune” will be available for all to test, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia invited the biggest Japanese media outlets to try out the new and rather revolutionary “Share Play” feature, which basically lets you simulate couch co-op over the internet and to let friends play your games even if they don’t own it.

The big question is: how does it perform? The response of the Japanese media seems rather positive, and Sony made sure to create a test environment that had the PS4 consoles connected over the internet, and not through a local LAN.

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HatsuneMikuDes1509d ago

"Even if there was some lag, it wasn’t enough to affect the gameplay of these three titles. It should be possible to enjoy with almost no issue any game besides high action titles like fighting games."

Sounds like lag won't be a problem. Although you might not want to use this feature with rythm games...

Bird_Jesus1509d ago

Yeah but I bet they were testing it on very high internet speeds

1509d ago
ChronoJoe1508d ago

The impressions were from a 'media experience', so basically a very artificial network environment. While obviously they were connected over the internet (so it wouldn't have merely been passing a connection across a room) but it would have been a very short distance compared to what many will have between them and a friend.

nix1508d ago

Chrono.. I think no matter how close you are to your friend's place, the data at first reaches PS server and then is transmitted to your ps4. I'm just guessing. Unless they've made it like how torrents work.

ChronoJoe1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I'm not sure about that, in a peer to peer network it will only require a PS server for initial communication, so I wouldn't be surprised if it works that way for shareplay.

For instance on something like Call of Duty, while you go through Activision's servers for matchmaking, once actually matched up you basically connect directly between the games clients. I hope this sets up a relatively direct connection between the two players in the shareplay session.

Still you have to go out of your router and to a local server before it goes to your friend. So that's why I say it's not quite passing a connection across a room, but it's still vastly different to playing with someone a few hundred miles away.

Peer to peer gaming is actually very similar to 'how torrents work'.

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GarrusVakarian1509d ago

It's going to be completely dependant on the host's upload speed and the guests's download speed. Just like anything else that requires streaming data over an internet connection.

Lag definitely will be a problem, unless you have decent quality internet connection.

HatsuneMikuDes1509d ago

Well of course, but at least the service itself isn't laggy. That's what I'm talking about.

Yetter1508d ago

Well its also dependent on the quality of the software that is compressing the gameplay into video and sending it to the guest player in a fraction of a second. But you're right, if you're internet sucks this isn't going to work right no matter how solid their compression techniques are

mushroomwig1509d ago

In a real world situation you wouldn't even notice any lag anyway because you can't see the other screen or player so you have no frame of reference to judge it. All you can see is your character being controlled by somebody else, so from your point of view it would look and feel exactly the same as normal.

WildArmed1509d ago

lol? You can notice input lag in games. It's pretty obvious. This is why they said fighting games would suffer, the input lag would be too great.

Same issues were present w/ OnLive and other streaming services. This was to be expected though, it's the same tech as remote play / streaming.

Heck, if you stream on PS4, you can get up to 1minute lag just watching the stream. (compare when you type a message to when it shows up on the stream).

mushroomwig1509d ago

Sure you can notice the input lag in games that you're playing, my point is that in real life you'll be watching the screen as somebody else is playing.

I'm referring to single-player only games that is.

AutoCad1509d ago

input lag on controller to tv is a deal breaker..already videos on youtube of people saying this..nice piece of tech though

Dudebro901509d ago

Um what..

When streaming any game play, or playing online, lag can affect a lot more than your visual perception.

Input lag would be the biggest

ThatOneGuyThere1509d ago

you will still notice a little bit of lag, though if you ignore it for like 1 minute your brain fixes it. I experienced this with PS Now. Its a slight lag(on my 50mb connection), but its so slight you really dont notice unless you TRY to notice.

KwietStorm1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I watch pro Street Fighter player matches all the time, and if you have an eye for it, you can easily tell when there was lag, based on movement and input misses. Besides, I'm sure it also includes playing coop through someone else's connection, which should be obvious that you can notice lag.

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testerg351509d ago

But doesn't japan have really fast internet speeds?

Eonjay1509d ago

Don't expect it to run well over you 56k modem. Seriously it is all dependant on where you get your service and you should have some idea going in.

KwietStorm1508d ago

Japan isn't the only place with "really fast" internet speeds. Maybe on average it's higher than other countries, but my connection is 97th percentile in the world. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

andibandit1508d ago

How can you be sure you're not the only one????

2008prochargedgt1508d ago

Well going off the metrics you provided (most likely from your arse) no you are not the only one about 3% are in your boat.

MRMagoo1231508d ago

not all of japan no, thats like saying doesnt everyone in the US have google fiber.

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