5 of Our Most Anticipated Indie Games Coming to iOS

"Q4 and 2015 have so much indie goodness in store that we thought we'd do a quick roundup of five of the many excellent titles on our radar." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1510d ago

Yeah it's an excellent list and just the tip of the iceberg really. Plenty of quality on the way.

CoyoteHunter1510d ago

Why only a list of 5? Make it a list of 50 then we'll talk :P Seriously though, these games look frickin amazing. Everyone is raving about Framed and it does indeed look awesome. But Submerged and We of the Woods are also so high on my list of anticipation. Can't wait!

Cookiebex1509d ago

Armello sounds awesome. Great list

gfois901509d ago

Can't really argue with any of these - nice work

shipnabottle1509d ago

Particularly looking forward to Submerged. Obviously coming to bigger platforms as well but I'm stoked that developers are thinking more inclusively towards iOS as far as the full game, rather than just pump out a free endless runner tie-in for it.

The devices sure have the grunt to handle stuff like this now, and Unreal Engine 4 has the option for making games with cross-platform compatibility, so why the hell not?

Why wouldn't you want to reach all those hundreds of millions of iOS device owners? Rather than limit yourself to just console and PC