Report: Battlefield 5 to Release in 2016

Battlefield 6 could be coming out later than we thought.

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Pandamobile1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Who the hell expected it to be coming out in 2015 when Hardline is launching in March.

Cartmans1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

like for DAY 1

ATi_Elite1429d ago

I'm sure they will be still patching BF4 even after BF5 release.

Hopefully BF5 only releases on Pc xb1 and ps4 and also in a manner that has the quality that we expect from Dice and not a EA rush job.

Now cancel Hartline and give us Bad Company 3

DeadlyFire1428d ago

EA doesn't care. They would gladly launch two battlefields in the same year.

We all know Battlefront is coming. I don't expect Battlefront and Battlefield to launch in the same year though.

I do expect a Bad Company 3 at some point in the future.

jriquelme_paraguay1428d ago

i dont think buy Hardline.
And for Battlefield 5, i think i will wait about 6 months or more.Maybe untile their "Premium Complete" version

Spenok1428d ago

Yeah seriously. They may have thought about bringing BF5 out in 2015 if Hardline had actually launched this year, but I'm more than sure they decided to push it back as well seeing what extra time can do to their game(s).

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HatsuneMikuDes1429d ago

"A report from brokerage firm Stern Agee has been released today that predicts EA will push back the release of Battlefield 5 to 2016."

Pay attention to the word "predicts". This isn't a rumor, it's a prediction.

resi51428d ago

A prediction and a rumour arent mutually exclusive

Starbucks_Fan1429d ago

2 Battlefield games in one year would be f***ing stupid.

llxKonanxll1429d ago

I could really go for a Bad Company 3.... one can only dream.

1stPersonHuman1429d ago

DICE is working on battlefront, so i think that a 2016 release date seems a bit too early even, giving them a year and a half (assuming they are the developer) to two years to finish the game

famoussasjohn1428d ago

I'd be entirely fine with DICE LA making the next BF game if they get enough time to work on it, they've done a solid job so far with fixing everything up after the original DICE team abandoned ship to work on Battlefront.

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