Top 25 Video Games To Look Out For In 2015

Console Monster writes: "2014 will long be remembered as the year of the remasters, with The Last of Us, Halo and Grand Theft Auto V receiving next-gen upgrades. Not to mention that the majority of this year’s AAA titles have failed to live up to their high expectations (see Titanfall and Destiny).

As the winter months approach and the countdown to Christmas begins, it’s time to look ahead to the New Year and the new offerings it will bring, as Console Monster runs down 25 video games you should look out for in 2015."

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Jaqen_Hghar1480d ago

Batman (CE), Ratchet Reboot, The Order (CE), Uncharted, MGS, Battlefront, Witcher 3, and whatever else is announced possibly (Sony is announcing 2 new exclusives in December and showed at E3 last year that they can release stuff the same year or shortly after it's announced). A man's wallet is crying already and if they announce a steelbook edition for MGS, Battlefront, Ratchet, or Uncharted he'll be up for those as long as they're under $100

cpayne931480d ago

A man shouldn't forget about bloodborne.

Jaqen_Hghar1480d ago

eh not a man's cup of tea (platinumed Demon's souls but could not take that kind of punishment again lol) but a man is happy for the audience that enjoys FromSoftware's work! You guys have a blast on his behalf.

1stPersonHuman1480d ago

Im gonna pick up a PS4 next year, seems like 2015 is gonna be a great year for PlayStation owners

DoctorJones1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

A man only needs The Witcher 3.

Wait, I don't need to talk in 3rd person, only a loon does that.

Jaqen_Hghar1480d ago

Or a faceless man

Geez people get into game of thrones (book first then TV series it's better that way even though both are AMAZING in different ways books hit you with blindsides more with less foreshadowing so it's more shocking). You'll be doing yourselves a favor.

Macdaddy711480d ago

OMG 2015 will be awesome if we don't see delays after delays

Relientk771480d ago

2015 is gonna kick ass, like really. There are so many great games coming out, its insane

1stPersonHuman1480d ago

For me, Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5, Dying Light, Mortal Kombat X all have my interest. Killzone 5 by Geurilla Cambridge would be a great surprise, and maybe Gran Turismo 7 (I don't know the release date for that)

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