Grand Theft Auto IV in New York City?

Rockstar North has been busy with GTA IV for a while. Each time a new Grand Theft Auto pops up, also a lot of rumours wil pop up. This time, it ain't different. Rumours says a leak from Rockstar New York itself told them the new GTA would play in New York City, in the early 90's. The main characters should be white and the story will tell a conflict between the Russian Mafia and the Italian Mafia

But this isn't everything. The same leak should have told that the gameplay has changed. GTA IV is thougher than the previous GTA and also more realistic and lesser arcade. Of cource this might be al just a fake. Even if it is from Rockstar itself, because rockstar is knows for the messing with the press.

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kingboy4402d ago

source of information??share with us man

devv054402d ago

The Dutch site he's linking to I guess ;) But sounds nice, I'd like a New York setting.

Sphinx4402d ago

...although a more realistic open-world is intriguing.

Sphinx4402d ago

I think "PS3 Only" forgot that GTA IV is also coming to the Xbox360.

power of Green 4402d ago

He didn't forget anything his user name says it all.

HaHa4402d ago

fanboy it was a lil mistake. don't cry over it

power of Green 4400d ago

GTA5 had some of the most buzz of 2006 if you heard of GTA you knew about it being on both 360 and that other console.

m234402d ago

I would rather have it more modern rathern than the early 90s.

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The story is too old to be commented.