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Sunset Overdrive has some excellent ideas, but its triumphs are sadly suffocated beneath ultra-repetitive mission design and unsatisfying enemy encounters.

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NewMonday1509d ago

Insomniac always start with hype and fans hope, but like Fuse they come short. Their games are full of style, empty of substance

Aussiebeachbabe1509d ago

Says the world's biggest sony troll..

Stapleface1509d ago

Hey come else are you supposed to get that many bubbles?

nix1509d ago

i think he pretty much quoted what the article said..

Sandy_Claws1509d ago

Just mark him down as trolling.

SonyAddict1508d ago

And that's why you have one bubble chukchukchuckles

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Robochobo1509d ago

Why is it that you're commenting on the lowest scored reviews of the game and not any of the others that got 9's and 10's?

Kemosabe1509d ago

Didn't people do that on driveclub? It happens to every game people find the lowest or highest score and post a comment that fits their mindset about the game.

SonyAddict1508d ago

We all know they are all payed MS ass licker reviews. .

SonyAddict1508d ago

We all know that they are payed MS ass licker reviews. .

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Bathyj1509d ago

I have no idea what SO is like but I dont agree with that. I've liked all their games that I played except Fuse.

Hellsvacancy1509d ago

I didn't personally like the Resistance games, I only completed the first one, gave up on the other two halfway through competition, boring

How I miss Spyro

Septic1509d ago

Well that's your opinion and you're entitled to it but using this review as the basis for your point doesn't make it all that great.

It should be noted that these guys also did a preview session of the game and from the commentary you could tell that the game just wasn't for them. They described Infamous: Second Son as completely dull and made comparisons with that game and stated that this was marginally better than that game. I wonder if you agree with them on that point?

NewMonday1509d ago

Many others said the same, gameplay looks good no issues with it, but will the story keep me coming back for more?

If they teamed up with Double Fine they could have made the perfect package, but insomniac are just bad with story.

Ultr1509d ago

@NewMonday how are insomniac bad with story?
wich games that they developed since their founding had a bad story?

NewMonday1509d ago

Best they could do was average, and SSO is the worst they did.

GribbleGrunger1509d ago

Come on now, this is one low score amongst lots of great scores. Does it really hurt that much to accept this game is good?

NewMonday1509d ago

Never said it was bad, just not good enough to interest a wider range of gamers.

MRMagoo1231509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

how is a 6 out of 10 low in the first place , back when reviews actually mattered and weren't shill pieces or paid for, a 6 was an above average game that you would get if you liked the genre, now days if its not an 8 or above its a low score. gamers today are f****** stupid imo. im not referring to you gribble but saying a 6 is low doesnt help

u got owned1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Huh? Far from it. Game is averaging good to great reviews (8-9 some 10s)

Kribwalker1509d ago

83 meta score and only 3 less then positive outa 44 currently....very mixed...idiot

Mulletino1508d ago

@u got owned

What major titles don't get 8s and 9s? I do admit though I have seen quite a few 9.5s and such. I'll admit I'm a little Sony biased since trading in the Xbone during gamestops even swap trade period (trying to justify my decision :). Happy for Xbone though that it's apparently a good game. In a console war the gamer always wins.

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MRMagoo1231509d ago

Some good reviews some average reviews then some stupid ones like 10/10 , I think it's going to be hit and miss with anyone really but 10 is too much and I think 6 is border too low, I think it might be a 7.5 maybe 8 all up when everything is said and done.

bleedsoe9mm1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

lots of 8 and 9 's , this game oozes with the fun insomniac had making it , can't wait to try this truly great game . finding time to finish the 30+ hrs is my only worry , hope i get it done before Halo MCC hits .

MRMagoo1231509d ago

This site is taking the piss with fanboys now, you get disagrees for saying a game is above average, its about time they brought back the open zone so we can get rid of the fanboy idiots and be able to discuss games properly without having rabid fanboys disagree because you dont think its a 10 out of 10. There is nothing wrong with a 7 or an 8, if you are using a 10 point scale there is nothing wrong with a 5 or 6 either its under 5 thats the worry. Any go eat a giant turd fanboys.

Volkama1509d ago

You get disagrees because you offer an opinion on the game that is based on nothing, and call other reviews silly based on nothing. What did you expect?

MRMagoo1231509d ago

My opinion was based on all the gameplay vids i have watched along with reviews and other gamers opinions, what was your waste of time comment based on ? Not much just sticking your nose in again really right ? Welcome to ignore.

Scottyxboxoneandps41509d ago

Two Sony fanboys comment on the lowest scoring review sad!!!

IRetrouk1509d ago

Go to any review of any game and fanboys will be there, its not fanboy specific either.

moegooner881509d ago

Insomniac used to be my fav developer. I really can't grasp what happened. Did people leave the studio, did the management change ? The transition from Spyro to Ratchet and Clank was a remarkable one, everything following, is ranging from average to good.

DeadlyOreo1509d ago

You have a point. I don't see the appeal for this, you know the same appeal you get with Spyro or Ratchet, and I was never really one to play the Resistance games. But anyway you'll probably get marked as a Sony troll for saying your opinion so watch out.

Hoffmann1509d ago


That surprises me since Insomniac is a pretty great developer. How did other websites rate the game?

MRMagoo1231509d ago

6 is fine tho , a little low imo but its still above average, it was 83 on meta last time I saw it

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