Metal Gear Solid 4: Everything you wanted to know about CQC.

IGN's latest guide to CQC is up.

"Close Quarters Combat" -- or CQC -- is a mixed discipline for military, police, and self-defence applications. The focus is more on the application of technique, rather than the underlying philosophies behind the training. Even SYSTEMA, the Czarist-derived CQC program retained during the Communist era, has an underlying philosophy. In CQC, there is but one principle -- to disarm or disable an opponent at close quarters by any means necessary. Hence, for secular organizations which hold the means to an end, the practical approach of MMA-type CQC is very attractive.

In Metal Gear Online, CQC may be used by the various soldier characters you play as. However, as in real life, different individuals will have different levels of CQC training, as represented by the CQC Master skill (expansive). Discussion of more advanced techniques are in the next section for now, focus on what you can do without that battle skill. Unless expressly noted, the rules and controls for CQC will hold true for Snake in single-player, multiplayer, and the generic PMC (private military contractor) you play in the online mode

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JoelR3623d ago

.... now to actually apply this knowledge ....

I admit that I suck hardcore at CQC in MGO.

Britjadg3623d ago

MGO CQC i suck at, but with snake i'm actually pretty good. think the difference is in the approach but its actually a pretty good guide. loads of stuff in there that i didn't know you could do.

JoelR3622d ago

Seems to be an excellent guide - better then almost all others I have seen and it -works-!