Wii U Weekly Deals: Super Smash Bros Pre-order Deals, Pro Controller $40, MH3U $20 and much more

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Tom871482d ago

Is the Walmart MK8 bundle a good deal? Should I get it?

mikeslemonade1482d ago

I have feeling those WIIU gamecube control adapters and controllers will be sold out. The last time when Brawl came out, the gamecube controllers were expensive.

guitarded771482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Pretty good price. There may be some Black Friday deals coming up, but doubt they'd be much better than this, and you'd have to be fast to get them. If I was in the market to buy a Wii U, I'd get it (already have one). MK8 and NintendoLand are both great, and SSBU is just around the corner.

Just noticed that Fry's Wii U bundle with SM3D and NintendoLand for $275. That's another good bundle. If they're doing this now, Black Friday could see some sick deals.

Spenok1481d ago

It's about $10 the normal price, so not really a wonderfully amazing discount. However a discount is a discount.

andrewsimons1482d ago

Any one purchased Super Smash Bros. Bundle from Amazon?

timothyckeegan1482d ago

Is it true I can only use GCU 20% off for three pre-orders each year?

jholden32491482d ago

No. I've already pre-ordered over 100 games in the last nine months through GCU. There was until recently a limit of three copies per game you could buy, to prevent you from buying 20 copies of Mario Kart on release day and making a profit. But I heard they changed the policy to three copies of each game per system. So if the game comes out on five different systems, you could buy three copies on each system for a total of 15 copies of the game. But I would advise you verify that information before going forward, because I can't say with 100% certainty that is the case.

Personally, I never buy more than one copy of a game unles I'm buying a second copy for my brother on his birthday or something.

The best thing about GCU, is there is no limit on how many games you can buy. I have over 47 games pre-ordered right now at this very moment.

edgarohickman1482d ago

Avoid the Kmart pre-order unless getting it on release day isn't important to you and you're willing to potentially spend hours fighting with their support to get your order processed.

jacobvogel1482d ago

Someone stated before that he picked up Just Dance 2015 (39.99) and GCU membership (30.00). Total cost was actually only 61.99 because it took 8.00 off the price of the game right away.

jholden32491482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Exactly. This is the perfect opportunity for those without GCU to jump on board. You could go buy Bayonetta 2 and a 2 yr sub of GCU, and you'd only pay $48 for the game and another $30 for the subscription. Total of $78 (which is only $18 more than the game would've cost) and not only do you get the highest rated game of this generation, you get Bayonetta as well, one of the highest rated games of the past generation, AND 20% off every new game you buy for the next two years.

If someone says no to that then I would have to seriously question their judgment...

Spenok1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Wait... you get 20% every new game you buy?

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