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Gamer.tm review - Metal Gear Solid 4

Pretending to be normal is a great way to cover up the fact that you're actually mostly crazy. R Kelly tricked gamer.tm into thinking he was just another forgettable R&B type until Trapped In The Closet let slide his true insanity and even Bono seemed plausible enough until he turned into Captain Planet. And while they have seen such trickery in the celebrity world many times, even video games are no longer safe to be taken at face value.

Even the original Metal Gear Solid showed signs of such hidden madness, its believable stealth action setting cracking the fourth wall occasionally with things like Psycho Mantis' weakness to Controller 2 and a vital codec number being placed on the back of the game's box. Since these glimmers of insanity, Kojima's respected series has played the same card each time – an honest and very real set-up which promptly descends into the more and more ridiculous as the games go on. Gamer.tm have seen fat men on roller skates, action heroes slipping on bird s***, tommy guns made of bees, boss battles that can be skipped simply by not playing the game for a week, a hero nobody liked getting naked and more post-modern, referential humour than most other games combined. And that's but the tip of a very silly iceberg. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9/10

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2568d ago
As the game begins (after nine minutes of mandatory installation, which only covers the first act – each subsequent chapter has its own 3-4 minute...
great review quit exaggerating! 8 and 3 min install
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GTAIV  +   2568d ago
It gotten scores that are almost as high as GTA IV.
Capt CHAOS  +   2568d ago
Don't have MSG4 (lack of PS3 ofcourse) but do have GTA 4.
And even I think that MGS4 deserves a higher score to GTA 4, I was not impressed with GTA 4, I reckon I'd enjoy MGS4 alot more.
GVON  +   2568d ago
I loved the tv shows
not sure why he didn't mention it but you can use the d-pad to change channel

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