Dark Diamond Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

By: Brandon Gaskill

Metal Gear Solid has always been about the story, and anyone that would tell you otherwise is a liar. In that respect, Kojima and company do not disappoint in any respect. There are hundreds of "OH SHI-" moments that will make old fans incredibly happy. As always, Hideo Kojima proves himself as capable a director as he is a game designer, and has created a story that is as much entertaining as an interactive movie as it is a video game. The cut-scenes are as long as other reviews say, but it doesn't get to you unless you're pressed for time or doing a speed-run (during which you would skip everything anyway), and are all quite entertaining. I can't say everyone lives happily ever after, but given the situation, everyone came out as well as could be expected, and I have no complaints.

"The graphics in Guns of the Patriots are top-quality, easily nearing and even beating those seen in early CGI movies. Snake moves fluidly, and how well-animated everything was became somewhat disorienting at first. The OctoCamo patterns are varied and blend well, and only when moving into another texture or laying between light and dark settings does it stand out. As always, the cutscenes use the in-game engine, but there are moments when I honestly can not believe they're playable. Well done, Kojima."

As a video game, Guns of the Patriots is a shining example of games in the Stealth Action genre, and should be required playing for anyone that plans to make one. As a PS3 game, it's the best you'll have for a long time and a must-own.

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clintos593619d ago

But I have to disagree with him for giving the sound for MGS4 an 8. MGS4 has the most amazing sound in a game to date, and it sounds so damn real life like u really are on the battlefield.

juuken3619d ago

Amazing effects too. Those gunshots sounded way too realistic. My grandmother actually thought it was coming from outside at some point. x3

clintos593619d ago

Same here, my mom was like whats those gunshots and I was like oh sorry mom, I was sniping some1 on MGO and she looked at me and said damn turn the surround sound down, it sounds like real gunfire, lol. So yeah I totally agree with u there. :)