AngryJoe & Boogie Play Farcry4

"Me and Boogie finally meet for the first time during this Ubisoft Preview Promo Event for Farcry 4! We had a ton of fun playing Co-op, here is some highlights and Impressions. Special Guest: The HONEY BADGER"

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Angerfist1277d ago

What else is new?
Of course they are doing promo with their big ass channels (pun intended)

Ubi can keep their games for themselves , Season Pass and other nonsense has ruined their rep.

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SwiftArsonist1277d ago

2 of the biggest frauds on youtube.

WeAreLegion1277d ago

*Two of the coolest dudes on YouTube.

We've all misspelled words. Easy mistake to make.

SaffronCurse1277d ago

Auto correct malfunctions . Happens way too often.

Stick891277d ago

I don't watch Angry Joe enough to say anything but from what I've seen of Boogies channel he's pretty damn transparent about the workings of his channel.

S2Killinit1277d ago

They are actually pretty honest.

Why o why1277d ago

Thats some mighty fine hating there

I like the both of these guys. I dont always agree with them but I respect them nuff. Good to see them link up

NarooN1277d ago

I love no-talent rodents like yourself that just make random attacks on anyone that is well known.

Both of them are honest as hell and have great reputations as a result.

XabiDaChosenOne1277d ago

Is that a Gears avi? Are you still bitter about the verbal stomping they gave Microsoft last year?

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WeAreLegion1277d ago

I love these guys. Boogie has got to be the best personality on YouTube.


I don't watch them much, But I thought his name was Francis? Unless that his gamer name or channel name. He is honest, but he def needs to take a chill pill every now and then.

BiggerBoss1277d ago

Francis is a character he does in some videos. He rages and curses, thats kinda the point of the character....

fobia4201277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I always thought the voice he makes in his videos (boogie) was his actual voice(High pitch Voice). I guess, it's just acting I suppose.

Why o why1277d ago

Thats his francis persona.....the fanboy tribute.

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