The PlayStation Vita's Biggest Annoyances

Power Up Gaming's Scott Russell examines where Sony is going wrong with its handheld.

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JohnathanACE1429d ago

I wish the Vita could be used to sign into multiple accounts.

MajorGecko1429d ago

stop wishing, it used to be able to until Sony removed it.

Jason_Plays_PC1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

More rpgs would be nice.

MajorGecko1429d ago

you clearly never owned a vita when Sony wasn't pushing an indie machine.

It was possible to have more then 1 account on a single memory card but they removed that feature i'm not going to argue with someone who does not know facts.

Mr_Writer851429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

What a certin.

Your link doesn't say anything about multiple accounts on the Vita itself.

It says you have to factory reset if you want to use the same memory card but different PSN.

That's not the Vita having multiple accounts, you have never been able to switch easily and quickly from one account to another.

Which is what they said they wanted

Learn to read.

JohnathanACE1429d ago

"Since the publication of this story, Sony has retracted its statement and said that Vita will only support a single user ID" how did you miss that in your own link?

Spenok1429d ago

This! It's unfortunate. Though it makes sense to combat piracy. As much as that sucks. :/

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Eonjay1429d ago

The memory cards are the greatest annoyance for me. The propitiatory format is an anti piracy attempt gone wild.

Spotie1429d ago

Piracy on the PSP was pretty wild, too.

Eonjay1429d ago

Oh yeah thats right. One thing that makes this worse is being forced into using their software to transfer files from a PC

contradictory1429d ago

tell me about it... it was the easiest hardware ever to crack too with simple file transfer required.. infact i just ended up buying a psp go on impulse for 20$ and i immediately installed CFW after taking it home.

GreenRanger1429d ago

Memory stick prices is probably the biggest problem.

Applejack1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

This! I currently have a 8gb card and if you want to go fully digital for your vita, you need at least a 16gb card. However, if you don't want to switch out games from a PC, you might need a 32gb card which is sitting around $60-70 and that's on sale...ridiculous.

RosweeSon1429d ago

Grab a 64gb for $80 on eBay itll easily hold its value or most of it ;)

USMC_POLICE1429d ago

Games there is no AAA games, no socom, no gta san andreas stories???????????
no burnout, no need for speeds other than most wanted. No star wars, There were so many games on psp, vita is mostly indies I love them but come on we need some AAA games.

isarai1429d ago

I honestly wish people would actually stop chasing that and just focus on coming up with cencepts fit for a handheld. Where's the adventure games and action RPGs like pokemon or zelda, why th hell hasn't capcom brought Monster hunter to the vita? How about some better games that aren't just hand me down ports and use the systems features well. Seriously, the potential is there, nobody is willing to take that chance, that's mainly what annoys me aside from the memory card price

XanderZane1429d ago

I didn't even realize that you can't save off your save files individually to the cloud. That's just dumb since you can do it with the PS3. I saw the Near app, but had no idea what it was for. I've never opened it. Sony really needs to drop the price on those proprietary memory cards. I bought a 16GB one, but I'll probably need a new one next year since I've been download a lot of FREE PS+ games.

Scatpants1429d ago

You can send saves to the cloud. There is also an option to do it automatically.

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