Looks Like Rockstar Is Rereleasing GTA San Andreas

NowGamer: "While most point to GTA Vice City as being their favourite, there's no denying the love GTA San Andreas gets among the fanbase. Well, it looks like you'll be able to buy it all over again.

GTA San Andreas is turning 10 this weekend and to celebrate Rockstar has removed the digital version of the PS2, Xbox and PC game from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam. Instead it looks like we'll be getting an all new version, even coming alongside some Achievements."

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gamesTM_dom1462d ago

GTA: San Andreas actually looked pretty neat on PC with mods, so hopefully this will be a legit remaster. Also, the achievement list seems to make the most of the unique stuff CJ could do, so it at least gives you a reason to go back to it...

mikeslemonade1462d ago

Lame.. GTAV is sort of the remaster of San Andreas. Gamers don't know what they want smh

nX1462d ago

San Andreas was actually better than GTA5 but I still wouldn't buy it for the third time.

DVAcme1462d ago

Hell no, San Andreas is WAY more massive in scale than GTA5. 5 doesn't have San Fierro or Las Venturas, and the amount of stuff you could do in the game was ridiculous. Not to mention that San Andreas was WAY funnier.

kingfetish171462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Wish R* would just focus on and announce the next Red Dead already...

NarooN1461d ago

I think after all the lame GTA hype has subsided, I can still say that the original San Andreas was more fun than V. SA had a better story, better characters, was funnier, and had more stuff to do in it. V tried some new things (like the character swap mechanic), but some of them simply fell flat. Outside of the heist missions, most of the missions were boring as well. Hell, even SA had a few heist missions and those were still epic even being 10 years ago!

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TruthHurt1462d ago Show
Fizzler1462d ago

Calling it now.
This will be included alongside GTAV Remastered if bought new.

MrBeatdown1462d ago

That would be nice.

If it's PS3 and 360 only though, I doubt it.

breakpad1462d ago

i hope it is NOT the expected December exclusive for will be really lame

CoyoteHunter1462d ago

Doubtful since the story mentions the achievements were unearthed by

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RedDevils1462d ago

I would gladly play this over GTA V lol

Spinal1462d ago

Those disagrees.... GTA 5 wins!!

Can't wait for my ps4 version 18th Nov. I'm ready to collect some bounties. And please heists...

MrChicagoWind1462d ago

If they were to update the shooting mechanics, physics, and graphics ... then this would be better than GTA V. Otherwise it was only better for it's time, GTA V runs so much better.

Revolver_X_1462d ago

Im a big CJ fan, but wouldnt trade Trevor for him. GTA5 has the better all around cast of characters. I also enjoy the world itself. When I was younger GTA SA felt like a 90's hood movie, I.E. Boys in the Hood. Being much older and wiser its more of a rip off, like Vice City to Scarface. I prefer original content albeit, a little borrowed at times. GTA5 is an awesome experience for the most part.

pkb791462d ago

Parody more then ripoff.

Kleptic1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

ha yeah...what?

they were never a ripoff, that is part of the franchise's brilliance...It's always been about American pop culture, viewed by those outside of the country, made fun of, and sold back to us and the rest of the world...and literally made billions...

they weren't ripping off 'Boys 'n' the Hood', they were making fun of it...SA was mostly a parody about south central LA in the early 90's...Vice City about Southern Florida in the early 80's...GTA1, III, and IV about modern NYC...V about modern LA/Hollywood, etc...

Spenok1461d ago

I would personally want a Vice City more than anything. That was my personal favorite.

spacedelete1461d ago

trust me you don't. Vice City has aged terrible. not even a remaster can fix that game. broken shooting mechanics, broken camera, terrible graphics and nothing to do outside the main story.

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jriquelme_paraguay1462d ago

PS4 or Vita Version with better graphic. Day One.

Errefus1462d ago

would buy on vita day one

GdaTyler1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Me too, but most big developers hate Vita outside of Japan. Hope they change their minds, I would love to buy and play a Vice City/ San Andreas collection on the go with achievements.

Agheil1462d ago

It's still available on the PSN store....

SuperBlur1462d ago

and supposedly removed from steam


still able to purchase it

article is making stuff up?

Agheil1462d ago

I'm also still able to purchase it on it PSN. It wasn't removed yet. Maybe they only did it for the U.S.? Or maybe it's still yet to come?

Agheil1462d ago

I realize that if you sign in and try to purchase it, you can't.