The Division Using Xbox One Cloud "On Our Agenda", PC Version Not A Console Port

Technical director Anders Holmquist says the topic has come up for discussion.

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vishmarx1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

honest question,
how is xbox cloud different from any streaming service?
and is it even reasonable to believe its going to be free?
and isnt this a bad thing? i mean itll just give devs another reason to utilize xb1 hardware even less and further reinforce xbox's always online strategy

OpieWinston1516d ago

Xbox Cloud = Microsoft Cloud
They are giving up a certain amount of servers for X1 to use.

It's a culmination of many Cloud features...

Cloud Servers
Cloud Computing
Cloud Streaming
Cloud Storage

Is it free? Not if you're paying for Microsoft cloud for your business. But for X1? It's part of the XBLG subscription. And from what I've heard totally accessible by all devs, just most devs are either too lazy or have to use Pub servers...EA/Square Enix/Ubisoft/Etc...

IDK how having a fully functioning cloud on X1 is a bad thing?
It's put in place for Online only games...
The Division/Crackdown/Neverwinter /Titanfall/Class 4/Etc...

It allows for offloading multiple tasks. And as the Cloud business increases for Microsoft(Which is currently making large returns)
Bare in mind the cloud is Satyas vision for Microsoft, that's why setting up more data centers across the world is part of the prioritization as well as improving MS ping for servers to help when Cloud computing is finalized.

Here's an example of Crackdown running via Cloud vs Local.

Bare in mind I'm not 100% certain of the Clouds future, but I do know Satya sees it as a core feature in MS future so it'll continue to grow and improve.


Bubs up...well said.
I for the life of me cannot understand why people here think that the cloud is fake. "The cloud" is already being used right now, and a lot of people are already using it but don't realize it.

GiggMan1516d ago

@Melman The cloud indeed is very real but MS definition for Xbox One is what's fuzzy. People use the cloud everyday. If you start an episode of a TV show on Netflix at home and then finish it on your smart phone you're using the cloud.

Anyone who used office 365 is also using the cloud. The cloud is just a group of servers networked together for data storage and some computing to free up resources or space on a local device.

MS is very dedicated to cloud just as much as Apple, Google, etc. but gaming is secondary to them. The cloud is basically resources that Microsoft already had in place to begin with. Why not use it as a bullet point for your next gen console to build hype?

That's exactly what they did. We use to have an article or two every day about the cloud and how kinect was essential for gaming but not any more.


You said it yourself in your own comment "The cloud is just a group of servers networked together for data storage and some computing to free up resources or space on a local device."

This is what MS says that the console will be able to do in the FUTURE, and we are already seeing a glimpse of it now with games like Titanfall Forza, and the Crackdown demo. So again....why do people think that MS is lying about this or that this is not possible in the future???

Eonjay1516d ago

Well, the game is already online so I'm not sure it make a difference. Also, when you talk about cloud, it could be anything. lots of games export something to the cloud whether it be player data, game files or ghost data. Destiny is an example of a game dependent on the cloud. Honestly, I doubt they could really make this game for any system without having something exported to the cloud given the nature of the play style.

Pinkdolphinyfg1516d ago

People always complain about "Always online" games yet I see NOBODY complain about the fact that Destiny is an always online game. It even says on the box "requires online connection" in bold white letters in the front cover.

HaveAsandwich1516d ago

it's only when MS does it. everyone else is safe.

Mega241516d ago

People who complained about always online are nowhere to be seen today, and its actually stupid since 85% of games are multiplayer this days.

Now if a game was single player, but still obligated me to stay connected, then I'm going to complain, because that's not right.

GamerGT1516d ago

I think "Always Online" is a useless statement. Not every single game out there is solely online. I think it would be dumb to claim that your console would require always online connection. I think it comes down to individual games, updates and online implementation.


It's because it MS. MS is no stranger to this type of hate for thinking to far ahead. They received a lot of hate with their first xbox for having an ethernet port instead of a regular phone jack port. Can you imagine that?? LOL

mochachino1516d ago

NBA2k14 was always online too.

I think xbox hate stemmed more from the millions of early adopters with with faulty consoles, equally faulty 'repaired' consoles, and years of nickle and dimming and paywals....and then the focus on Kinect's to acquire casuals at the cost of the existing users.

People wanted to hate on xbox because they had so much pent up anger but couldn't because in many way 360 was a better console (especially multiplats), xone's less power-higher price just allowed them to unleash that hate and they directed it towards the first xbox mistake DRM.

MysticStrummer1516d ago

@Pink - "People always complain about "Always online" games"

"People always complain" about always online games like "people always complain" about too much sex and/or violence on TV. Some, not all, people complain about those things because they don't like them.

@Sandwich - "it's only when MS does it. everyone else is safe."

The complaints against MS weren't about always online games, they were about the idea of an always online console.

@Melman - "MS is no stranger to this type of hate"

MS receives skepticism, not hate, for cloud power talk. MS receives hate when their version of "thinking too far ahead" seems to result in anti-consumer policies.

turdburgler10801515d ago

People who complain about always online are the folks who have piss poor internet. They figure they have to hold back progress because they can't be part of it.

CYCLEGAMER1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )


"MS receives skepticism, not hate, for cloud power talk"

I think its a little bit of both. People think that MS is lying about cloud possibilities, even though they have shown it working in demo's and even games today. The idea is in its infant stage right now.

"MS receives hate when their version of "thinking too far ahead" seems to result in anti-consumer policies"

Do you believe that MS requiring a broadband connection instead of standard dial up was anti consumer or thinking ahead??? Before you answer that question, take a look at the back of your (or any)gaming console except the Wii U.

You have to be in denial to believe that we are not moving to a world of digital entertainment. MS console is built for future trends within the entertainment industry. The average Joe just wasn't ready for it yet. FOWARD THINKING!!!

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denawayne1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Like OpieWinston said above, there are different things that the Cloud offers developers. In this case it'll probably be dedicated servers which makes it more streamline when people are connecting to each others games.

I really think by next E3 we will start seeing games that not only use the Cloud more but it'll be a feature that developers will talk about and give abetter idea of how they are using it. I'm sure a lot of developers didn't even get a taste of it until the Xbox One was released last year.

Mega241516d ago

There's no such thing as a Cloud, there are server farms which act as multiple points for data to be stored. Giving you freedom to access that data in multiple places.

Now Microsoft is using this server farms for computing purposes, to offload data of games to them, taking some loads of the physical machine. Still for this type of computing, a high bandwidth is needed, so Microsoft "Cloud" will vary between users when ever it is put to use for visuals as they been implying its going to be used in the future.

IrishSt0ner1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Cloud does not mean dedicated servers, with a basic understanding of networking you'd know that cloud means remote servers networked together to provide services, storage and resources.

I have a dedicated server running in my home, it is not a CLOUD server, it is a standalone dedicated server.

A server farm can be part of a cloud service, but it in itself can not be defined as 'the cloud'.

Cloud is a term to describe an umbrella of services/computers networked together (with software to connect and utilise the various needs), the term exists as an english word to describe this type of network structure.

Also cloud computation does not require high bandwidth, another glaring miscalulation, it requires LOW LATENCY.

These are not OPINIONS. The cloud is real and tangable, we've all been using it for over a decade.

ImAPotato1515d ago

Microsoft has the second best cloud network in the world right now. Right behind Amazon. Or maybe it passed it already. But it is expected to pass amazons cloud by december.

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S2Killinit1516d ago

I wonder if this will eventually allow them to impliment DRM anyway. I mean if a game uses "the cloud" doesnt that mean you have to be online to play it?

SuperBlur1516d ago

you'll still need to connect to play the game anway

otherZinc1516d ago


We can play Forza Motorsport 5 & Forza Horizon 2 with no Internet being connected. I do this a lot in the afternoon.

ShowanW1516d ago


Forza was designed to work offline. Turn 10 built a generic AI for those who wouldn't be able to get online and pull in drivatars.

I'm not sure if the Division has a single player offline mode yet.

shloobmm31516d ago

Its an online based game anyways. So it doesnt matter. No one seems to care that they have to be online to play mmos, this shouldn't be any different.

qwerty6761516d ago

its good to see more multiplat games instead of doing online parity with xb1/ps4 are utilizes something Microsoft has available.

user56695101516d ago

That's good to hear seeing how they was mainly pc exclusive devs. But somehow we should be happy to get what we deserve after supporting them for the longest. It's funny how devs treat pc gamers these days because they wouldnt even be here without us not console gamers

--bienio--1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

At least they not mess about with Pc Version..

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