NBA 2K15 or NBA Live 15: Which is better?

Is it a three–point swoosh shot for NBA 2K15 or can NBA Live 15 grab the rebound?

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bryan81001513d ago

Nba live 15 is gonna be way better. Tired of 2k support team. Tired of their servers since it doesn't let me play most of the damn game modes. 2k sucks. Worst company. More than ea. N the game is barely improved. Defense still looks stupid. Jumping and swinging at the air when I'm aiming for the ball. Not in full control 2k.

SKullDugger1512d ago

I agree 100% NBA 2k15 sucks with the server issues and the micro transactions..

PR_FROM_OHIO1512d ago

Man can't lie NBA Live15 does have a Chance this year Bc 2k15 Is overrated! That game is basically 2k14 2.5 imo and not to mention its plagued with issues!