Take a Closer Look at the PS4's Prototype Controller

Push Square: "Few moments are more exciting in a gamer’s life than when a new piece of hardware leaks. As such, many of you will probably be able to recall your mood at the exact second when photographs of the PlayStation 4’s revised controller filtered out onto the web. Unfortunately, the real unit was revealed not long after this leak, meaning that we never really got to explore the exposé. Well, until now."

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GreetingsfromCanada1514d ago

Thank god they changed the design, that looks horrible

Soupaman661514d ago

I think they focused more on the functionality than the design, since theres no labels for option and share. Prototypes are meant to be more of an idea put on paper or in a 3d model for people to decide on. Therefore, they never decided on this as the final design in the first place to change their mind.

Spenok1509d ago

It's called a prototype for a reason. This was probably an early design, and one used to get dev consoles into developer hands sooner rather than later.

daver61514d ago ShowReplies(2)
CervantesPR11514d ago

i wonder if that D pad felt like the vita's D pad, the ps vita has an amazing d pad

Kurisu1514d ago

I wonder if Sony ever thought about bringing back the "Boomerang" controller that they showed when the PS3 was first revealed?

Tsar4ever011514d ago

Oh yeah, that infamous Bat-a-rang. The only positive thing I could say about that controller was the clear gell coated floating icon buttons it had. The psp utilized them first I think. Shame that the Xb1's controller uses the clear gell buttons and ps4 still uses that bland, tired ass decal type it has.

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