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Combining incredible production values with some intelligently-designed systems, Alien:Isolation is sure to scare, delight and astound in equal measure.

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NatureOfLogic_1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I'm having a hard time deciding between this or the evil within first. Both seem like good horror games.

1nsomniac1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I had the exact same thing but with Alien, Evil Within & Shadow of Mordor.

Alien is far & above the best out of all 3 of them. You do need to know going into it that Alien is a game about hiding not fighting though.

Alien is actually scary, more so because of how tense it gets. Evil Within isn't scary at all unless you're into American 'teen horror' movies (It's really cheesy)

I thought Evil Within was the worst of the 3 initially but after spending 9 hours with Evil Within & 6 hours with Shadow of Mordor I actually think Evil Within could actually be slightly better but to be honest that's not exactly saying much is neither are great IMO.

Allsystemgamer1516d ago

Yea evil within ISNT really doing it for me. I loved alien and am slaughtering my way through mordor

Agent20091516d ago

The last good horror game was Silent Hill 3.

dreamed1516d ago

Alien buddy,just rent evil within its not that great imo,but loads will disagree of course.

But yeah alien is wicked,lots of back tracking and lever pulling but its a space station not a open world,but everything inbetween is awesome,&the random ai never gets boring.

ThePope1516d ago

I've been trying really hard to hold out on buying a game this month as November is so crazy. I cant do it anymore. Should I get Alien, or Shadow of Mordor?

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Hysteria941516d ago

This is really shaping up to be the best alien game ever.

djwille881516d ago

I'm over half through Alien Isolation and the game is simply amazing! While not perfect it's the best game I've played so far on the PS4.

Bought SOM at the same time and Alien is the much better game. SOM is a good title though.

Wolfenstein511516d ago

Shadow of Mordor > Alien isolation > The Evil Within - Funny because all 3 are stealth games. I have played all 3. Honorable mention goes out to Styx (another stealth game that is much, much better than it has any right to be). SOM is great because it combines stealth with action perfectly - very deep game. Alien is good because it truly has scared the crap out of me numerous times and is very tense (Alien is very much about sneaking around about 90% of the time). The Evil Within is good if you miss the days of Resident Evil and the game looks fantastic. I say buy all 3 (and if you can pick up Styx sometime - great game at half the price!)