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Fatal Frame 5 is not a bad game, but people who aren't fans of the game might be confused by the many unanswered questions.

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Blackleg-sanji1518d ago

I find it idiotic this is japan only

waltyftm1518d ago

I agree, this also needs to come to every platform, as do all the others in the series.

Shinox1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Well fellow , Nintendo known for screwing up with western gamers nostalgia who were on other consoles when it comes to horror games , they don't know how much it means for the fans and it boggles my mind how people being apologist for them even in the worst cases , they own the IP for no freaking reason with a straight face
Oh Tecmo you did the worst mistake for your fans

theshredded1518d ago

I'm buying Fatal Frame 2 soon,i hope it's good

Revolver_X_1518d ago

FF1 is still my fav, but Crimson Butterfly is really good, its probably better.