The Evil Within Review by The Black Panel

The Black Panel writes: When horror “master” Shinji Mikami makes a new game, players listen. The Evil Within embraces all the tropes of the genre, presenting an experience that is as dank and disturbing as it is awkward and frustrating. This amazing looking game finds itself tied to an over encumbered campaign that wears out its appeal long before the credits.

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Scrivlar1510d ago

Harsh review of a solid survivor horror, the only one I've enjoyed since Resi 4 actually.

dreamed1510d ago

Couldnt agree more with this review.....the dog and glasses bit is exactaly how i ended up doing it to,just run.

I agree the look and feel are cool,but the aim & stealth are broken,crossbow is garbage,black bars stupid,hated zombies with guns in resi 4 & this is no different.

Imo tew is an action game with no ammo,not survival horror,that title goes to alien iso which rocks.

I was waiting all year for this and imo is forgetable at best.
I love the game to start with but im on level 12 and just cant be bothered to finish it,totally board.

I dont mind shit character development/acting & can live with the fact i still have no idea whats going by level 12,but the things ive listed have just destroyed any love i had at the start.