Driveclub… Is A Video Game

Well, it’s barely a game, and Dan can barely play it.

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Septic1514d ago

Well there you have it folks. The matter has been clarified. DriveClub is a video game. Here I was under the impression that it was compass.

xaidrien1514d ago

Compass. LOL. That made my morning. I'm simple.

GribbleGrunger1514d ago

Unbelievable. So this guy thinks there should be a racing line for it to be considered a 'real racing game'. There's IS a racing line ... it's called SKILL, and this video demonstrates quite clearly why a lot of people have reviewed it badly. It's just too hard for them.

jukins1514d ago

Not to mention the colored flags and smoke you can see in distance indicating how sharp a turn is this combined with the mini map I mean how much hand holding does dan need.

GribbleGrunger1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I watched a video of someone playing this game and all the way through it he was complaining about it not handling as well as FH. After watching the entire video I was left scratching my head. He complained that other cars kept bumping into him but failed to note the obvious: Every time he made that complaint he had just smashed into the car in front and then tried to veer right or left to get around it. Every time he made that comment there was another car close on his tail. What was happening was what would happen in real life. The car behind never had time to break because after hitting the car in front he slowed quickly, which meant the car behind never had time to break. When he veered to try and overtake, the car behind (regardless of whether it hit him or not) had tried to avoid another collision or overtake him. By veering suddenly left or right he'd smashed into the car that was trying to avoid him.

This would happen in real life. It's a SKILL based game which is why the Driveclub community love it. Look at this video and watch how he tries to barge his way around the course without considering how you would actually 'drive'. You have to consider what the car in front is likely to do (just like in real life); You have to consider how close the car behind you is or what racing line it's likely to take (just like in real life)

MysticStrummer1514d ago

Dan… is a game reviewer. Well, he's barely a game reviewer if he can barely play an arcade racer.

What you said about his complaints as they related to his driving is dead on. He was at fault so he blamed the game. It reminds me of one Planetside 2 YouTuber who will remain nameless… He accidentally shoots and runs over teammates all the time, but if someone team kills him he'll go into a rant about noobs.

jspsc1231514d ago

the guy in the video is horrible. he plays like my 7 yr old son, smashing into the wall on every turn

amiga-man1514d ago

Exactly GribbleGrunger the game is too hard for many, it will test you as a driver and many will not make the grade.

I have made it to level 37 and loving the challenge, my mate just watches in awe as he has nowhere near the skill necessary.

As I have said before if you want spoon fed victories this is not the game for you, if you enjoy your driving skills challenged this game does that.

Septic1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Hold on mate. You cant just make a blanket assumption from this one guy's video that most reviewers reviewed the game poorly because it was too hard for them.

Come on. DC isnt all that great. People need to deal with it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1513d ago

The people complaining about DriveClub drive the cars in the game the same way they drive their cars on the road, staring at the ground.

Casual gamers, look up and look ahead.

Learn how to drive!

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fr0sty1514d ago

This article... is a waste of time.

GTgamer1514d ago

DriveClub is literally the only racing where I would replay a track over and over and over just to master how to take turns just so I can get the best time on the clock and its soooooo rewarding bruhh I sat down in time trial for two straight hours trying to do better than my ghost to get 3 stars when I finally achieved it I danced and boy lemme tell you when you master hyperCars its down right insane to control that speed and hit turns on point. DC has me hooked when update 2.0 allows me to use my own music #gameover imma be playing DC hope the online is fully operational.

shloobmm31513d ago

I do that all the time in Forza but no game has hooked me like thay since the pgr series. I would play those tracks over and over and over again.

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uth111514d ago

Drive Club is a game
Dan cannot play it
therefore Dan is not a gamer :P

Xb1ps41514d ago

Well so what if he can't play it! It's always been about the graphics anyway!

Bathyj1514d ago

I dont understand that at all. The game looked challenging and fun and I've heard the handling is great.

Not everyone whose pretty is dumb. Im living proof.

Xb1ps41514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

It's ok if you don't get it..

But I was on the same boat, the game looked challenging, fun and handling was supposed to be great...

Then the game released and looked pretty-dumb for calling its self "the forza killer" hell they even had a pic of a blue car taking out a green car, that was damn funny!

You're right not everyone who is pretty is dumb but you're pretty-dumb if you support a broken game like this.. But I understand if that's your only option

And please leave my bubbles alone unless you bubble me up of course :)

Link2DaFutcha1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Agreed and well stated, but I can't resist correcting "Not everyone whose pretty is dumb. Im living proof." to "Not everyone WHO'S pretty is dumb. I'm living proof." simply because of the irony.


Bathyj1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I through that in deliberately. ;P

I didnt touch your bubbles and thanks for the edit in your reply. Its slightly less condescending now.

OldDude1514d ago

Threw... yikes! The hits keep rollin' in.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1513d ago


"You're right not everyone who is pretty is dumb but you're pretty-dumb if you support a broken game like this.."

Actually, if you can't beat DriveClub's A.I. you are pretty dumb.

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MysticStrummer1514d ago

I get it. It's just false. Jokes often work better when they have a basis in reality.

Spotie1514d ago

I just don't understand why you and others keep commenting on PS related articles when you don't even bother to know the content.

I just can't figure you guys out. What makes you guys tick?

TedCruzsTaint1514d ago

Damn straight it is.
Also, bananas are fruit.

WackoDaSniper1514d ago

Driveclub is not that hard lol i mastered it in 2 days

GTgamer1514d ago

We are just skilled 😉

e-p-ayeaH1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Learning how to use the brakes isnt difficult ppl...

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