The pre-patch Evil Within we hope you'll never play - Digital Foundry Analysis

"With day one patches swiftly becoming the norm, it's easy to forget about the code pressed to the disc that actually ships to stores. Throw almost any modern single-player game into your console and it'll probably play just fine out of the box, even without an internet connection. This ease of use is what console gaming was founded upon, but the waters are becoming muddied. It's one thing to issue a patch designed to add a bit of polish to the end product, but it's something else entirely to ship a virtually broken game to store shelves. That brings us to The Evil Within - version 1.0.

We already know that the frame-rate in the current 1.01 version is rather unsteady throughout the game. What you may not know is that this is actually a massive improvement over the 'gold master' that's actually pressed onto the retail disc. As our coverage last week was based on digital delivery versions of the game we bought from PSN and Xbox Live, the issue didn't really come into focus for us until our personal physical copies arrived a few days later."

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yewles11489d ago

"Is an internet connection now mandatory for single-player games too?"

"Certainly it seems that we are tiptoeing into something approaching the 'always online, always connected' scenario that Microsoft championed at the Xbox One launch - a scenario that a great many gamers categorically rejected."

It's subtlety like this that give people tin-foil hats to wear...

jackanderson19851489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

have you watched the video the game pre-patch is aloada crap, averaging low 20FPS... you need the internet to install the patch so it's effectively mandatory

both console makers and publishers need to make it possible to DL the patches (alotta people could do it in work if they have a crappy bandwidth at home for example), throw them on a USB and upload/install them that

mikeslemonade1489d ago

My copy just arrived today. And man is this a last gen looking game in many areas. The last of us PS3 version better than this game in many areas atleast. Some of the stuff in chapter 2 literally remind of the RE4 graphics. Although they were good at the time they aren't now.

monkey nuts1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Milks, stick with it, it gets better. For reals. The old school gameplay is a blast imo. Although in some places the graphics may not be all shiny you have to give credit where its due. I'm currenly on chapter 5, need more brain juice!

AgentSmithPS41489d ago

"Believe and be enslaved by your beliefs." That goes both ways.

I haven't decided if I'll let this evil within my PS4 yet, right now I'm just waiting for GTA.

Insomnia_841489d ago

Why can't they ship this ganes already patched or something?

I don't understand this.


A message needs to be sent to developers somehow.

Play2Win1489d ago

When the game is on disc how you gonna patch that b!ch? you need to patch it after installation. So via download or the patch files are on stick or something ready for installation for your game.

CernaML1489d ago

Pre patched discs? lol Then it wouldnt even be considered a patch. The game goes gold weeks before it hits stores. But they continue to work on it AFTER it goes gold. And yes a game needs to go gold early to make sure it makes it on store shelves by release.

URNightmare1489d ago

"Pre-patched discs"

That would be a FINISHED game on the disc.

That's what he's trying to say, developers nowadays ship unfinished games that later require an internet connection to be finished and if you don't have an internet connection then you paid full price for an unfinished product.

Clown_Syndr0me1489d ago

I understand your point, but we didn't have these problems a couple of generations ago.
They made sure games were finished before "going gold".

CernaML1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

No... if that was what he was trying to say then he would have just asked why don't devs ship finished games?

The solution to that would be to delay the game even if for just a couple of weeks. But then we'd probably see that happen for EVERY new game.

@Clown_Syndrome.. lol I dont know about that... I remember buying a copy of In The Groove for the PS2 that had a HORRIFIC bug that would crash the game at start up EVERY TIME if you turned on a certain setting in the options menu which was only remedied by pulling out the memory card. Im sure that wasnt the only game to have bugs like that. Besides, the only issue here is with performance. Pretty sure not all PS2 games had the best optimal performance back then. lol

Sneakybudda1489d ago

Who cares about frame rate? Its a great game and its so gorrrrry. just like the mouse i brought into the house this morning meowwww.

dreamed1489d ago

Its a clunky action game,with feck all ammo and broken stealth imo.

monkey nuts1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

you must die alot. I'm on survivor, have over 25 bullets for handgun, 8 shotgun shells, 4 of every agony bolt,2 grenades and a sneak so good solid snake would be proud. There are tons of hidden areas in this game which if you miss, well you ain't going to be getting the brain juice, amo, extras (china statues). All I did for the first 3 chapters was pretty much stealth kill every mofo. Until the village with the chained up dude. Great game imo.

Sokol1489d ago

Don't buy the games on release date, let the company learn to finish its quality assurance and then ship the game that we pay for hard earn money.

I understand a small patch to take care of a small game bug or a problem, however day one large game finishing patch that's is all but almost mandatory if you want to have a playable product is unacceptable.

We shouldn't pay for broken products, end of story.

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