Nostalgia Review: Final Fantasy VIII

Games in Asia: "When Square Enix released the new Final Fantasy XV trailer, a lot of comments from various circles about the game's character design was that it resembles a boyband. These comments always make me think; do people forget that this is not a new thing in Final Fantasy? Every Final Fantasy has character designs that look attractive, and this won't be the first time that a Final Fantasy game has charming character design that would fit into the modern world. Just look at the character designs of Final Fantasy VIII - they look like they would fit right into the TV series Dawson's Creek.

Yep, every time I think of RPG character designs that look fashionable, my mind is immediately drawn to Final Fantasy VIII, a game which although not my favorite (sorry, my favorite game is still held by the Final Fantasy IX), remains a very important game in my life. Why is Final Fantasy VIII so important? Because this is the game that introduced me to my favorite genre: The JRPG.

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