10 Must Haves for Nintendo’s Next Home Console

Zelda Informer: "When someone says must have it is a fairly bold statement, but when I was deciding how best to word the title for this piece it was really all I could come up with. While this list is 100% subjective to what I feel their next home console must have, I firmly believe by the end of it a lot of you will be shaking your head in agreement. If not, I am curious as to why, and what you would do differently.

Remember, this isn’t a top 10 list, thus the order is entirely arbitrary.

Backwards Compatibility

I’m talking strictly with the Wii U itself and in terms of software."

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MrSwankSinatra1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

You forget an actual ethernet port. That's a must have....

Ck1x1512d ago

I would rather they include USB 3.0 and the latest WiFi and Bluetooth than a ethernet port. Some people actually like the option of a wireless connection setup.

MrSwankSinatra1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Do you know what an Ethernet port is? Okay, so if you do then you would know that having an ethernet port doesn't suddenly WiFi not viable. It's called having an option. You know some people actually like having a hard-wire connection so they can have the best possible experience online

paul-p19881511d ago

Ethernet > Wifi imo. Unstable connections on online games get really annoying, and it still bemuses me why Nintendo refuse to include Ethernet on a games console when so many people use them on the other consoles...

Alinea1512d ago

you can use an ethernet port through usb.

it is an option, only problem is that its separate and you have to buy a usb port for it

Ck1x1512d ago

That's my point to people on here! It's redundant these days to include single function only ports when a USB port could be used for a variety of different ways.

MrSwankSinatra1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

You do realize that USB can never replace a actual Ethernet port. Every modern machine has a dedicated ethernet port. Nintendo consoles are the only one's that don't. Even the PSTV has an ethernet port. Nothing can substitute a built in ethernet port.

Alinea1512d ago

what would be the point of making an ethernet port now? they might as well try to redesign the console like they do with their handhelds, just use the usb port for that, why would it be that big of a deal? nintendo screwed up by not having it built in but you can still use the usb port, how much different will it be from a regular port? that it takes slightly less space?

Spenok1507d ago

"By the end of it a lot of you will be shaking your head in agreement."

Hate to break it to you, but "shaking" your head is saying no. If you want to agree, it's nodding ;)

But OT here, the only one I really disagree as a MUST HAVE is backwards compatibility. That's an absolute WANT, yes, not a must have. Back in the day gamers didn't even dream of it. It became a self proclaimed entitlement for newer systems. They forget, that if a system has that, the old console is absolutely obsolete. Thus making the continued sales of the old console almost useless.

Yes, I want backwards compatibility in all my consoles, but I don't expect it.

Everything else for the most part is good. A USB 3.0, ethernet port, and Bluetooth are also must haves IMO.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1512d ago

some form of a nintendo trophies would be great and if they are keeping the whole mii thing they have to make it more creative than the boring limited customization they have its just you cant express yourself much to have fun with it.

Ck1x1512d ago

I want Nintendo to design the hardware as if it were the last console that they ever planned to make. The fact that Nintendo stated in an Iwata Ask's segment, that they designed the WiiU case first and foremost and then figured out what innards they could use was an oversight. Maybe the new job posting for NOA is to eliminate things like this in the future.

The first thing that Nintendo has to do is set a price that they want this device to sell(Which should be $300). From that point just set a hierarchy of what's most important to the console and how does it fit within the systems budget. The gpu should have the largest percentage of the $300 budget, with ram and cpu following behind. The one thing that I hope though, is if the budget for the console is exceeding $300 and $50 more just makes the world of difference.

I hope they make the choice to just invest the money and launch the system for $350 or $399. Nintendo doesn't have to have the most bleeding edge technology around, but if the GC era should have taught them anything. It's that you don't need to be the strongest if your hardware can do everything you state it can and more.

SteamPowered1512d ago

Quite frankly, I hope they Dont have backwards compatability on their next console. Strictly because that would assume the next console has a game tablet or wii-motes. I am hoping beyond hope nintendo shies away from these peripherals or go the way of the X1 and (eventually) let the consumer buy the add-ons at their own pace. Other than that I think the list is solid.

Ristul1512d ago

I agree, making the new console B/C will only limit the architecture of the console and tie it down with all peripherals from previous generation.

Nintendo needs to look forward, not backward. Make a solid console with a standard controller. I think the Gamecube pad is a great base for that, if they perfect it they will have a very personal look on the controller (just like MS and Sony does).

Saryk1512d ago

Since the other guys have released their systems, Nintendo has a good opportunity to release something great!

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