The Last Of Us, Turned Into A Ghost Story

YouTuber Freako likes to mess around with The Last Of Us, putting Ellie's shirt on Joel, or deleting characters. In this case though, the results are a whole lot spookier, accidentally turning TLOU into something like Beyond: Two Souls.

Freako started by deleting the character models for Joel and his brother Tommy. This makes the beginning of the game play out very very differently.

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skynup1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

lol this is why you cant get good things on consoles. what hack my ps3 and get banned. pc has no restriction and will get all the games eventually via emulators and backward compatibility.

and by commenting this i can get a lot of disagree but they all are jealous that their machine cant do

Th4Freak1513d ago

@skynup to each their own mate.

Insomnia_841513d ago

Good stuff! Makes me wanna play the game a sixth time.

ramiuk11513d ago

what i find amazing aboutthis is the fact the video(in the gamea that truck point) is really mapped out on land and not a seperate video just added on .

ND amaze me with there games and Last of Us was the best Story game with the best characters i have ever played.
Im glad i missed it on ps3 because on ps4 it seriously blew me away and Every Gamer needs to ignore the fanboy crap and remove there blinkers and experience it.

MasterCornholio1513d ago

Your right I need to take a break from minecraft and finish The Last of Us.

shloobmm31513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

I don't agree with it having the best story or the best characters. However i do agree that it is a good game.

hkgamer1513d ago

i wish that one day we would be able to hack/mod a console game.

ut3 was pretty cool for allowing this.

if not then atleast bring back gameshark/cheatcodes.