rFactor 2 video looks astonishingly real

VVV: "The battle for the most advanced visuals is always keenly fought in the automotive gaming world, with constant comparisons and fan boy arguments on who’s doing best and why. If it’s DriveClub versus Forza Horizon 2 on consoles, then the usual suspects on the PC are currently Project CARS and Assetto Corsa. So it came as a surprise to see this exceptional video featuring RFactor 2, a game whose visuals have been derided as dated in the current scene. In many ways they are, but it’s amazing what a few additional post processing and lighting effects can achieve.

Below we see a video containing the Ferrari 643 by F1 ASR Team Modding Classic, running on Interlagos with a range of filters and post processing effects added using Sony Vegas Pro, the end result is nothing short of stunning. In fact, it takes a moment to realise that it isn’t real life at all."

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Crazyglues1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

No Wait Whut?

I swear...., when I first saw this I thought this was real, I thought they were about to tell us how they went to real world environments to try and capture the feel of the races..

Then half way in, I was like, wait a minute.. What is this, is this the game?.., this is the Game - Are you serious?

Wow.. OMG!, This just looks Amazing.. I mean Wow.. just Wow

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badboyz091513d ago

IS this running on PS4?

CernaML1513d ago

rFactor is PC only I believe.

ABBAJESUS1513d ago

Rfactor 2 is 4 years old. Still in "beta" status

Pandamobile1513d ago

You're talking about a racing sim.

jriquelme_paraguay1513d ago

I'm talking about every game. And is my opinion. Don't like realistic games.
I play games to escape from reality. Lol

Pandamobile1513d ago

So don't play rFactor. No one cares what your stance on video game realism is. People that play sims play sims for the same escapism that you play other games for. Most people don't get a chance to drive an F1 car in their life time.

Jihaad_cpt1513d ago

Do you drive formula 1 cars?

OculusRift1514d ago

Am I tired or IS there something I'm not seeing? This game doesn't look real at all. It has cool reflections, but what else am I supposed to see?

psuedo1513d ago

Once the graphics finally hit the wall do you think we can get better a.i. and fun games again?

crazychris41241513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Thank you. Its nice to see games with great graphics but how about we push the AI, physics and map density to their limits. More than happy to sacrifice graphics for better physics. I Still play Red Faction: Guerrilla which is 5 years old to this day because its way too much fun running around and destroying the buildings.

ABBAJESUS1513d ago

That is the reason why GTA games are allways so popular. Gameplay is the key and fun!

crazychris41241513d ago

Damn straight. The last 2 crysis games are perfect examples that gameplay is way more important than graphics.

mcstorm1513d ago

Your spot on. Ive never been a big buyer of games because of the graphics.

This is one reason I really enjoyed Forza 5 and I cant get enough of Horizon 2. Drivartar for me has really changed my view on racing games.

For me I want to see this gen push for more things in games than just not 52 of a game. Gaming has just become the Yoy release and a safe place for developers.

I hope we get to see some more great creative games this gen like we has in LBP last gen and Project sparks and Mario Maker soon to come.

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