Toms Guide: Sony PlayStation TV Review - Mediocrity Awaits

"The PlayStation isnt exactly broken, but it is compromised, semi-functional and in dire need of more content."

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RG_Dubz1490d ago

"The device does not support 1080p resolution, and actually defaults to 720p — which is arguably better for games"

Highest level of stupidity confirmed.

gangsta_red1490d ago

Would you rather see the PS1 and Vita games in glorious 1080p? So you can see every flaw from an age old game possible?

Cupid_Viper_31489d ago

It has become so easy to spot when a website is hungry for hits. As far as the gaming industry is concerned, the review system is complete mess. There is absolutely no standard approach, beyond just putting out inflammatory headlines and scores to rile up clicks.

There is so much inconsistencies and double standards flying around nowadays. This review for instance talks about the fact that the PS TV is "just a paperweight" without the controller. Yet this device, like the PS Vita, is being marketed mainly towards people who already own PS devices. In other words, the reviewer chose something that the vast majority of the consumers won't have a problem with. Then he proceed to complain about the complicated nature of a gaming controller<-------like WTF?

In order for any review to be successful and relevant, it must first and foremost always keep in mind the target audience. Otherwise, you risks sounding like the idiot who wrote this review, in other words, ignorant.

Lastly, if 'The best way to describe the PlayStation TV is "half-baked."' You would think that the review score would show a 2.5/5 <----- Half-Baked right? Nope, there's also a need to exaggerate, otherwise, how else do you get people to click on your poor review?

I'm not even going to touch on the "resolution" bs he brought up in the review because it is simply too obvious how stupid he sounds.

porkChop1489d ago

Higher res would result in less rough edges though. So the games would be slightly easier on the eyes.

PS TV is a media device, and modern media is 1080p. Not supporting 1080p is a bit disappointing.

Volkama1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

You'll be seeing them in 1080p regardless, you can't change the number of pixels on a screen. The only difference is that the TV will handle the upscale, instead of the Playstation TV.

That's possibly a good thing if you have a TV from the last 2 or 3 years as most upscale very well, but older models aren't necessarily so good at it.

Ju1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I'll be getting mine today. So I will reserve judgement. I don"t care about the resolution. I have it on a second screen which is a piece of crap anyway and all I want it for to extend my gaming and media streaming. A little bit disappointing in this regards are the missing media apps. I fully had expected Netflix to work - at least. The only second account I have is Amazon (Prime), which doesn't exist on the Vita. But Netflix does. So, this must be a licensing deal if anything. I hope Sony can sort this out, soon.

The alternative is Google TV (which isn't quite out yet) or FireTV, which this thing actually competes against - and Sony tries to redirect the focus on gaming and remote play instead of a fully media device. Understandable, given that it beats both in the gaming area - but with other type of games - and yet can't compete on the media level. And while the hard core games on the Vita/TV twarf those on those google devices, it also makes it quite apparent that the Vita platform must evolve: mobile devices exceed it technically now. 2GB and a faster GPU/CPU could make a Vita2 feasible ASAP.

As long as Sony makes money with the PS4 and this thing - if yet too powerful - will simply eat into the big platform sales - a Vita/TV is good enough to hold off GoogleTV/FireTV for a while (and is actually a nice expansion if you already have a PS4).

BTW: I got a 64GB mem card and this changes the game dramatically. The Vita either needs a 64GB build in card or the cards need to get cheaper - much cheaper. You get so much more (instant) choices with all games in one place.

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Anon19741489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Well, by all means, can these guys point me to another gaming console that has a library of classic and modern games and that acts as a PS4 extender for under a hundred bucks. Because if there's another product out there that satisfies these needs in that price range, I'd love to see how it compares to the PSTV.

"You could drop $100 on the PlayStation TV and pat yourself on the back for getting the cheapest Sony console around. But if you can afford a Vita, or even a PlayStation 3 instead, do it."

Holy crap, this guy just doesn't get it. This is a budget priced device. Just like Sony makes high end and low end stereo receivers, of course if you can afford the better ones you're going to have a better experience. This is no different. PS4 is their top end device. PS3 is their mid-range gaming device. The Vita is their portable offering. The PSTV is a budget priced console and PS4 accessory. Every single one of these devices has it's place in the market. Comparing the Vita to the PS3 to the PSTV...they're all different gaming devices designed to appeal to different markets.

Again, if these guys know of a better device that manages all these needs for under a hundred bucks, by all means, run a comparison. In the meantime, it doesn't have all the functions you want for $100? Are you kidding me?

As a PS4 extender alone this is worth $100 to me. I probably spend more in a month on coffees.

Death1489d ago

And if you don't have a PS4 what do you do with it? Like you said, this is a budget device. Many that are looking at it as a cheap way to play Playstation games would be better off with a PS3 or Vita for a few bucks more.

Ju1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Hm...I am not sure if that's so easy to say. I recently sold my PS3 (moving) and I was inbetween of getting this or another PS3 - I still have a lib to play there. ANd given I added a 64GB card and no controller the PS TV is actually more expensive than the PS3. I was close on the edge getting me a PS3 instead - sans remote play, but with the media playback - for $199. I think, eventually to make this an entry level device it must be _complete_ at $99. This includes a mem card > 8 GB and a DS4 controller. Else, and if your focus isn"t remote play, a PS3 just make more sense as an entry level console. Imagine Sony would add remote play - which they could do easily - to the PS3.

Back-to-Back1488d ago

If you like artificating, then yes a higher resolution would be better.

Fullmetalevolust1490d ago

It is a bit maddening that it doesn't have netflix, nor hulu plus...but if someone bought it for the vita games and the psn games/psone/psp and the psnow library then there's that incentive.
Other media will roll out.

Transporter471490d ago

Kind of sucks that some apps are missing, but i am sure they will roll out in time.

ThunderPulse1489d ago

If SONY gets NETFLIX on there it will probably sell a few more units.

Concertoine1489d ago

I have like 5 different ways to watch netflix, who needs another one?

Rogert1490d ago

why this doesn't have apps such as Netflix and Hulu Plus out of the box makes no sense at all.

uth111490d ago

I hear it actually has those apps, but they are disabled if you launch them. WTF?

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