Retro review: ‘Final Fantasy IX’

"No ending will ever feel truly satisfying if done well enough and this had its flaws. However, the game has stood the test of time and aged well, frozen in time and context but deservedly so. Whilst this will never be the first game on any RPG fan’s favorite list, its charm and traditional feel will mean it will never be far down the list. Final Fantasy IX is like a warm embrace of an old friend that hasn’t changed a bit and they’re all the better for it."

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Snookies121395d ago

Most of the old-school FF players really loved it. It went back to that true fantasy setting we grew up with, and loved.

Spenok1394d ago

This game was my personal Favorite on PS1. Easily the better of the 3. (Note, this is MY opinion)

Though my favorite will always be FFIII for Super Nintendo. Otherwise known as FFVI.

kalkano1394d ago

"The battle system is slow and at points tedious, however it is worth noting that the Tales series of games, known for a very fast pace of action based combat, had yet to truly come into its own."

It may have been a little slow, but I'll take it over almost any action-RPG. And, what does the status of the Tales series have to do with anything?

MasterCornholio1394d ago

I'll take it over 13 any day.

MagnusBeasticus1394d ago

"Whilst this will never be the first game on any RPG fan’s favorite list"
A-HEM! Final Fantasy IX happens to be my most favorite game of all time!

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