2014 worst year for gamers

"When I think back on the games that have been released so far this year, I get a bit sleepy.

Frankly, I think this year may be the most disappointing year of video games in recent memory. Usually there's at least one game that hooks me for months, which I obsess over and am just in awe of. In 2014, I can't think of a single game that I'd give a 10/10 and play forevermore.

The new generation of console does tend to slow things down a bit. Developers begin working on new franchises, which is great - but quite often those franchises need some refinement and the second game in the series is the one people talk about. Uncharted 2, for example, is widely deemed to be the best of the Uncharted series."

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TheJacksonRGN1488d ago

Well I'm sorry you feel that way but I don't and not everyone else does so you title should be different. You do not speak for every gamer.

How about "2014 has been the worst year for me" or something in that regard?

thorstein1488d ago

Well said, well said. See, this is what gamergate is really about: Calling out sensationalistic journalism that doesn't really reflect the opinions of the people who actually play games.

nicksetzer11488d ago

I seriously am unsure if this is satire. He said:

"In 2014, I can't think of a single game that I'd give a 10/10 and play forevermore."

So apparently "gaming" sucks for a year if there aren't any 10/10's? What if there are 20 9/9's? Makes no sense.

Army_of_Darkness1488d ago

If this was the worst year for gaming, then I must be easily pleased cause I've been enjoying my ps4 ever since I got it a few months ago.

Kingthrash3601488d ago

2014 worst year for gamers....dear god.
Too funny.
Yeah most games were pushed to 2015 but 2014 saw great games like infamous, titan fall, and mk8. Sleeper hits like middle earth, bayonetta2 , and tew..awesome demos like pt...or remakes of mega hits like MCC and tlou ...still things to come like Sony's December announcments, games still to come like MCC, lbp, ssb, cod, ac, so, d-age, the crew, ...
Hell should I continue??
Review scores are long gone and gunna be even more irrelivent when update 2.0 drops.

^^^^traslation... Nonsense article.

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Jughead34161488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

What I'm seeing is, a transition period from one generation to the next. Each new gaming generation is slower than where the previous left off. It's not really fair to compare this new generation at its inception to the previous generation at its peak. But you are starting to see the potential for this upcoming generation. Look at how stacked 2015 is. 2015 may be the biggest year in gaming history with what we know is releasing at this point. And I'm sure there's more that we don't know about. But as for this year, it was slow during the Summer, but closing strong. Still some great games. Not the worst year ever. That's foolishness.

Bigpappy1488d ago

Some PlayStation gamers may feel that way because of High expectations placed on the PS4 and Vita. DC and most of the other exclusive, either under performed or were pushed back. Even updates were delayed.

Xbox1 owners on the other hand, have had a lot to be thankful for. Just about everything, except Kinect support has been at or above expectations.

PS4 still is selling like hot cakes though, so the promises and the power perception (which seems to be around for the foreseeable future) is really drawing gamers to the system, despite not delivering on quality exclusives and updates.

rainslacker1488d ago

Thanks for speaking for the PS gamer, obviously, you of all people would know how we feel about this years releases as a whole, and on an individual level as well. You're services are much appreciated.

I personally don't feel that way at all. I have a PS3, PS4, Vita, and Wii U, and this has been a tremendous year for gaming releases across all those platforms. More games that I could possibly play have released across all of them, and I own many of them, and will eventually get around to playing them.

BiggerBoss1488d ago

So you as an xbox owner have determined how ps4 owners feel? Mmkay

OB1Biker1488d ago

Infamous SS : Quality exclusive and can't wait to play free DC PS+ both not available on last gen

Army_of_Darkness1488d ago

Someone needs to get fired!

Who the hell hired an xbone fanboy to speak for the ps4 gamers??... Oh I see now... We hired a toolbox as our HR....

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user56695101488d ago

He is right tho. For console games it been all hype. But on PC we been getting a steady stream of great games. I guess when you dont have much to choose from you're happy with whatever the give you. Lotr game came out people forgot that its damn near the end of the year.

BiggerBoss1488d ago

Looking at your username, im not surprised you feel that way. Personally, i feel 2014 has been a pretty good year for console gamers. Definitely not the best, but pretty good considering it was a launch year for two consoles

Spenok1488d ago

For this year being the worst year for games, I've had lots of fun, and am still having said fun, and still have plenty of fun to look forward to this year.

Needless to say I disagree with this post lol.

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DarkOcelet1488d ago

Well for us horror fans i think this was the best year in a long time .
Outlast , P.T , The Evil Within , Alien Isolation , five nights at freddy . And more that i forgot but i loved it .

JimmyDM901488d ago

Was Sony this big on horror/gothic last gen? Because they've got the order, blood Bourne, silent hills, Untill Dawn and Day Z coming in 2015.

DarkOcelet will be a happy horror fan.

BBBQ_BYOBB1488d ago

BREAKING NEWS! A gamer is unsatisfied.

FullmetalRoyale1488d ago

In THIS day and age?!

What rare creature is this??

There have been many games I really really enjoyed this year; from Wolfenstein to Child of Light. Advanced Warfare looks like a lot of fun, I have Minecraft on my Ps4(finally). Games like AC:Unity and Dragon Age: Inquisition yet to come.

Jesus Farcry 4...

The fact that I have missed so many games just shows how many proven good ones there are, and hopefully yet to come.

Shadow of Mordor! Hah! Thought of one more.

Omnisonne1488d ago

Maybe the only somewhat stale moment was between februari-juli, where there were only a handful of games to play. But these months (especially next month) there will be more than enough to choose from:)

thorstein1488d ago

Oh My Gandalf, YES!

Shadow of Mordor, LBP3, Dragon Age Inquisition... so many, many great games coming out.

But I love how the article completely ignores the games that people are LOVING.

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