Is The Evil Within a Worthy Successor of Resident Evil 4?

After all the hype, promise and backlash, does The Evil Within match up to the legendary Resident Evil 4, or does it fall flat, one hit killed by its own ambition?

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DarkOcelet1487d ago

I think it is the worthy successor yes . I hope this starts a franchise because its awesome .

-Foxtrot1487d ago

I love this game but I'd rather it was a one off, unlike Resident Evil there isn't anywhere you could really go with this.

I mean for one the story isn't the greatest, not something you can continue into a franchise and the characters weren't that great.




I mean Sebastian and Julie are apparently married, they had a daughter, judging by his diary entries yet non of this is hardly shown through dialogue, development or interaction with one another.




I'd rather they just create a spiritual successor using what they've learnt from the Evil Within. I like to think of it as his test run for a horror game in the modern market...and it's still successful so at least now he knows what to do.

Personally I would want a game like Resident Evil which he can create a franchise out of so he can shove it in Capcoms face.

Like maybe a special team going into a small village in the middle of nowhere full of houses and big mansions to find out what has happened to the locals. Zombies, Vampires, Werewolfs...just something similar so it's like a big "F U" to Capcom.

DarkOcelet1487d ago

Spiritual successor , sequel , prequel . Call it what you want but i just more of it because its excellent.

bouzebbal1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

well silent hill had almost one new hero everytime.. if the game is great and plays great it's all that counts. scenario doesn't matter in general for a survival horror.
to me RE4 is s***.. i prefer the marrow corridors with zombies or crows jumping at you at any moment, and puzzles to solve and keys to find in order to get further.. is this game like that?

SharnOfTheDEAD1486d ago

EXACTLY! Seb's back story is hardly touched upon and I honestly thought Ruvik would have latched on to his past, but it never takes off. Seb's character is so damn plane he almost seems emotionally detached from everything, you wouldn't think these things happened, I know he's supposed to be a hard cop but he's no Dirty Harry and even when he's wading through blood and Guts he's no Ash Williams either.

If they did a sequel I really would like to see more about the characters and Seb's own nightmares effecting him etc

gantarat1486d ago

julie not seb wife


his wife missing after investigation why people disappear so much (probably disappear because she know something and fear or organizations kidnap her)

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dreamed1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Silent hills will trounce this game hands down....for starters its survival horror not action horror like evil within.

Like i said in another post the levels/monsters look really good and the gore is awesome but between the aspect ratio & broken aim/stealth its killed it for me, and this was the game ive waited for all year.

But to answer the question yeah its defo like resi 4 which is why i was waiting all year for it.

Kamikaze1351487d ago

Yessss....and I really hope we get a sequel. Hell, I hope they start a franchise. The Evil Within is a lot of fun to play and reminds me of Resident Evil more than RE5 and 6.

chrissx1486d ago

The evil within is a breath of fresh air in survival horror. We need more games like this and hope we get a sequel

Dannycr1486d ago

Well, if you ask me, Resident Evil 4 wasn't even a worthy successor. It was the beginning of the end.

Roccetarius1486d ago

Considering it barely had any relevance to the rest, apart from characters, i think it was the end for RE.

Roccetarius1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

If only they use a better engine, such as UE 4.5, then i would like to see them take what they learned from this. Hopefully they make some of the bosses more frightening, because that single one grab attack was a fright killer.

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