Apple Q3 iPad Sales Show Game Consoles are Still Fringe

Pundits say Apple's Q3 iPad sales are sad, but the results underscore just how "fringe" the PS4, Xbox One and other game consoles still are.

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mochachino1512d ago

to be fair iPads are also sold for business purposes

bouzebbal1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

ipad is really garbage to use as a gaming device.
you wanna play games get yourself a gaming console.

EDIT:comparing tablets and consoles is really stupid imo, like comparing strawberries and donkeys.

die_fiend1512d ago

Well both of them play games, so your comparison is stupid imo.

The point is that people will pay £600 for a tablet but not £350 for a console, which only gets refreshed every 5 years. So people would never spend £500 on a console, even though they'd gladly spend £1000 on a phone they'll change every 2 years, that barely does anything different. So unfortunately gaming appears to still be on the 'fringe' despite being the best way be antisocial.

bouzebbal1512d ago

depends what you call.................GAMES!

Army_of_Darkness1512d ago


Wait. What?!? I've been trying to subconsciously be antisocial all this time through my 20+ years of gaming?!? [email protected]#K me!? ...But... I have like 50 friends on FB!?

Jaqen_Hghar1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )


That's like saying a man can go and record movies on his iphone so he doesn't need to see The Avengers! Consoles are where the blockbuster hits are. Phones are the home videos of video gaming while Playstation and the others are the theaters

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Sonital1512d ago

Agreed, multipurpose (iPads) vs single/dual purpose (consoles)

StinkiWan1512d ago

That's very true. But I wonder how many of those sales are attributed to B2B vs. consumers. I don't think Apple breaks them down that way.

BitbyDeath1512d ago

Bit of a crap comparison, what next shoes vs cars?

bouzebbal1512d ago

Turmeric powder and black holes...

lnfiniteLoop1512d ago

the laest iPads didnt really have any features worth buying/upgrading for... slap on the ability to make phone calls (and ditch the iPhone 6) then it'll sell...

spacedelete1512d ago

very stupid to compare phones to consoles. you NEED a phone in these modern times. its like comparing bread and milk sales to consoles. people need bread and milk to live. consoles are entertainment. why do they need to sell 20 million in a month ? they are profitable as if they weren't they wouldn't exist. stupid reporters trying to cause controversy.