How Ubisoft Killed the Modern Day Story in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise

OnlySP: Assassin’s Creed. These two words identify what is quite possibly my favorite franchise, my love for it perhaps even bettering my love for Uncharted. But there is a problem with the series as a whole: the modern day component tying it all together is functionally dead and nonexistent, and I don’t have much hope for what Unity and Rogue have to offer, either.

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-Foxtrot1492d ago

I think it bugs me because they could of ended it once and for all in AC3 yet they added the Juno plotline which I'm guessing won't be resolved now.

They would of been better off rebooting it completely, like say all their past games with Altair, the modern story, Desmond, Ezio didn't happen. Then they would be free to set the games back in those time eras (or close to them) without worrying about those characters/stories.

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dreamed1491d ago

Just didnt happens a bit strong,geez ive put hrs into,if they did a jr ewing/dallas it was all a dream that would surley piss most fans off??.

Then again ubisoft brought sarah fisher back to life for sc conviction,quite well i might add,i would have never guessed.

Jaqen_Hghar1492d ago

They should just let it be told through the characters you play as in the flashbacks. You normally get all the story from stuff as far as filling in the blanks from the interim period in games in the flashbacks anyway. Desmond is completely unnecessary and a man never cared about him one bit.

Jyndal1492d ago

I was actually hoping that through the 'bleeding' effect, we'd end up with a full fledged AC story in modern times, with Desmond being the main character.

After AC III, that doesn't seem likely...

mgszelda11492d ago

that was exactly what I was hoping they would do but I wasn't sure how you would balance guns into Assassin's Creed. leaving the modern storyline Wenge where they did just feels cheap

Jaqen_Hghar1491d ago

Glad they got rid of Desmond he had the personality of a rock. Give a man a game that has nothing to do witH the present and just tells an engrossing historical tale. The games do this already and they're some of a mans favorites but that future stuff always got in the way of the fun parts and a man always cared for the historical figure more. Hopefully they don't have animus crap if they make a movie and just tell an awesome period piece either in the crusades of the formation and discovering of secrets by two great orders and their struggle for power or the tale of a young Italian man discovering his families secret order and getting revenge for their murders all the while discovering remnants of an ancient secret civilization. Both of those plots are engrossing without future crap

Spenok1490d ago

Yeah they definitely alluded to that in the previous games. Here's hoping that they eventually do it still.

Redempteur1492d ago

the "modern day " storyline was a cool twist in AC1 & AC2 , but after brotherhood , it feels like they didn't realise what they wanted to do.

BlackFlag had a cool twist on the modern day gameplay but they either need to kill the modern day storyline OR to embrace it totally , after so many games it's time for answers, it's time for teh story to advance forward.
AC3 was a let down on that regard , even after "revelations" to set it up.

DaleCooper1491d ago

Completely agree. I dug the change in Black Flag, kind of a fun nod to us gamers. I got sick of the desmond story after ACII, it just kept getting dragged out. Glad they finished that arc, but there's no need to start a new modern day arc.

xX_Altair_Xx1492d ago

I havent played AC since Brotherhood; just lost interest after the milking and by the sounds of it the story's a mess.

Tdmd1491d ago

Well, you just missed Revelations and AC3 then, which might be the worst two entries in the franchise. But you should definitely give a chance to Black Flag: it is as good (if not better) than AC2.

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