CGM Reviews: The Evil Within

Bethesda almost certainly has a lot riding on the Evil Within. The new game from Shinji Mikami, the man behind the original Resident Evil, and studio, Tango Gameworks, has seen a huge marketing push (complete with weird viral videos about how scary it is) and the publisher clearly wants it to be the Next Big Thing. Unfortunately, this latest attempt to create a new horror franchise comes across as a medley of Shinji’s greatest hits.

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Kingdomcome2471511d ago

Such a huge disparity in review scores these days. I've only watched a few Twitch streams, but it looked pretty solid to me. It definitely didn't seem broken, and imo 5 and below scores should be reserved for games that are broken. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, though.

SockeyBoy1511d ago

Yeah I'm playing it now, and there is some clipping problems but its not broken. Loving the game so far :)

lamsiam131511d ago

i am in chapter 11 and i am loving it.old school sure but fantastic game for me.8.5,true horror .