Dying Light - Baseball Bat Mod Preview

Baseball Bat Mod Preview of Dying Light.

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Plagasx1517d ago

Gonna have a really good time with this game :)

Omnisonne1517d ago

yeah same here, i absolutely loved the different mods in Dead Island. Wish there was some safehouse for me to put them all on display or something lol

bondsmx1517d ago

So, that January date at the end of the video, is that a release date? I've had this game preordered for sooo long now. I thought it looked cool, like seriously, July of 2013. I'm pretty sure I preordered this the day I preordered my ps4. I keep tabs on this game, but I haven't seen a confirmed release date. I thought I remember hearing a March/April release date.. January would be awesome

bondsmx1517d ago

I looked it up. January 27th is the release date, it was announced about a month ago. Guess I missed that