New Model CUH-1100 Series of PS4: Changes from the Early CUH-1000

Differences between the new PS4 model and the new one put on the market in the past couple months analyzed and compared.

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Angeljuice1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

No translation (for me at least), if anyone reads Japanese (I think) I would appreciate a brief summary.

@below, thanks.

tigertron1463d ago

It's basically a bit more energy efficient.

Abriael1463d ago

Uh, no. Did you just guess?

C4BL31463d ago

with in a couple of sentences it literally says power consumption is relative.

caseh1462d ago

Don't know if everyone sees different translations but power consumption is pretty much the same in both states (On/standby).

It's +/- 1~2w
Rated output has changed.

Abriael1463d ago

If you click on the credit url/alternate source, there's a translation.

Magicite1463d ago

theres rumor about PS4 slim announcement at E3 2015.

Droidbro1463d ago

I suppose you are the source of this rumor. As in, you literally just made that up.

Truthandreason1462d ago

@Droidanomix or you could use google and see that the rumor has been everywhere the last couple of days.

HIlarious how people think and seem to be offended of the idea of a PS4 slim? I'm sure Sony wants it out as fast as possible to start reducing costs, as the chips will be smaller and more power efficient, meaning more chips can be made per wafer and they can also reduce PSU requirements (due to efficiency) saving some there too.

andibandit1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I found rumours about aliens visiting earth on google...guess itz legitz

Dakidog1462d ago


Your comment doesn't help put up an argument lol. He said there was a rumor, not if it was valid or not.

rashada071462d ago

I wouldn't expect a slim model till 2017.. :-/

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360ICE1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


- Energy consumption is about the same
- New model is 50 grams lighter
- Motherboard has new model number
- Slight changes to motherboard circuits
- APU, System controller and SDRAM model numbers have all changed
- 8-bit MCU is missing
- Power supply is 24 grams lighter and slightly different
- Shape of fins heat sink is changed, sink is now 26 grams heavier
- Design of wi-fi antenna unit seems to be improved to reduce electromagnetic noise

In other words, just minor tweaks probably aimed at reducing manufacturing costs.

Edvin19841462d ago

From what I read you are correct these are all cost cutting measures for Sony who is not trading as well (SNE), so this is good news for them I hope.

Ulf1462d ago


I doubt these changes save more than a couple $ for Sony, who needs the money to bolster their sagging profits. There won't be a price cut -- who is it they are failing to compete with, at the current price?

wannabe gamer1462d ago

Standard manufacturing cycle for ANY product.

Loadedklip1462d ago

@ Eonjay ... fat chance at a price cut anytime soon. The PS4 is selling outselling the competition handily so I doubt you will see one anytime soon as it is unnecessary for Sony to do.

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Kidmyst1462d ago

It translated for me and really just supply part #'s changed from the bit I read. Nothing else really changing, power consumption pretty much the same. Some was just tech talk like this
"8-bit MCU "STM8ED" of STMicroelectronics, which has been connected to the sub-processor "CXD90025G" in SAA-001 has not been implemented in SAB-001.
This MCU seems to pertain to the BD drive and from the wiring, but the same stone because it is also implemented to the substrate of the BD drive, stone of the main body side Maybe it was unnecessary originally."

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SteamPowered1463d ago

"All in all, according to the analysis, the changes seem to be minor revisions, mostly aimed to reduce manufacturing costs, as it’s normal during the lifetime of a console."

Pretty much as expected. Nothing radically different. Some small changes till they go with a 'slim' model.

NegativeCreep4271463d ago

My guess is Sony isn't going to roll out any PS4 slims until spring 2016, at the earliest. Unless Sony really feels they need to reduce msrp to $300 (which would only incite the need if Microsoft continues to try and undercut the PS4 with more price cuts to the Xbox One) I dont see a PS4 Slim on the horizon too soon.

I don't see a need for a PS4 Slim. The PS4 is still selling well and the PS4 now is a very sleek and sexy console. Much unlike the old "George Foreman Grill" PS3s.

SteamPowered1463d ago

Well, there may never be a 'need' for a slim version, but they are pretty much inevitable. Its just the society we are living in. Hell, even my fridge has Wifi. Necessity may in fact not be the mother of all invention.

KiwiViper851463d ago


Why does a fridge need wifi out of intrest?

Spotie1463d ago

Music, kiwi. A fridge playing light jazz while you cook is bliss.

SteamPowered1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

@Kiwi and Spotie,

Believe it or not, the Wifi is for the in-line water filter. When the filter needs to be changed you can literally push a button on my fridge to order a new one online. That is an incredibly esoteric feature especially for a fridge, but it came with the set I ordered. Im not that pretentious...

rainslacker1462d ago

I dunno about a slim, but I could see a huge reduction of the MB/CPU/GPU sizes. That could all be put into the current case, which is already pretty darn small. Looking at the current board, it's already pretty bare in terms of chip density, so chip size reduction, and maybe a consolidation of the memory around the CPU/GPU. Some of the other parts, like the power supply , hard drive, and BD-Drive are probably as small as they can be barring some new form factor for the hard drive...which isn't likely to be as cheap as current form factors.

ramiuk11462d ago

i dont see the need for a slim as such but i dont like the idea of my usb stuck out the front.
would of prefered it on the back or side.
but i totally love the design of the actual console

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Angeljuice1463d ago

Thanks, so it seems they have trimmed any over-engineering that was placed in the initial design (after a year of consumer testing they no longer need a "belt and braces" approach).

Muadiib1463d ago

Hopefully they have done the opposite with the controller though, it's unreliability is the last thing that's delaying my purchase of the console, well that and any games I actually want to play (hello Bloodborne!).

GameDev11463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I got the white console (which is the newer version) and I can say the controller feels sturdy, great in rumble, and the rubber on the analog stick people would complain to peel off feels more thicker, I even tried a little to dig into it to see if the rubber was flimsy.

The new controllers have likely been revised and it is the best controller I have ever held of all the controllers I have held since I began gaming, not even an exaggeration, it is so light you wont feel it is disturbing your hand

Khronikos1463d ago

They have only been VERY lightly revised. SOMEWHAT better rubber and the R2 still will need attention after a hard month or so in MP. Controller still has problems but they all day. Hell, the Xbone controllers have that nasty back piece on each side that constantly squeaks and wiggles. DS4 has its rubber and R2 issues.

Maxor1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I wouldn't mind a PS4 1080p edition where it can run all games in 1080p. I'm willing to pay up to $600 for one. Get this done Sony.

ashcroft1463d ago

The PS4 is already a 1080P capable machine. The games need to be optimized and coded for 1080P.

There would be a massive shit storm if Sony amped the hardware by a substantial margin, while others are stuck with their more expensive less powerful machine.

If you want to run everything at 1080p-60fps, build yourself a PC.

DefenderOfDoom21463d ago

I would rather have my games run at 60fps than 1080p .

BitbyDeath1463d ago

Parity isn't a hardware issue.

SteamPowered1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Crap, Ashcroft beat me to it.

"Buy a PC if you want every game to be 1080p"

In all honesty though, it is very early in the Ps4 cycle.

Shad0wRunner1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

No. This is CONSOLE gaming. Not PC gaming. We are not encouraging people to migrate from consoles to PC, just for 1080p...when the PS4 already does it JUST FINE.

"Buy a PC" is not the answer to ANYTHING in the console industry. Ya'll need to get OFF that train!

SteamPowered1462d ago

But shadow, baby, I am a pc gamer. And a console gamer. And with Steam and console mode, I feel like I never really left the console scene even if I was Pc exclusive. Personally, I like having the best of both worlds. Makes all the resolutions and fanboys become irreverent.

Shad0wRunner1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


LMAO. Seriously?

The PS4 has more 1080p games than the XBOX One, right now. It LITERALLY leads in 1080p!

dreamed1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Yeah its more powerful than xbox but on the grand scale both systems are bottle necked to feck.

i wish ubisoft would give you guys 1080p acu,with empty streets just to shut you all up,while the rest of us play in 900p inside a bustling city,full of ai.

If it could do 1080p so easily then it would,fact is both systems are pretty mediocre compared to most pcs.

I got both systems and love em.

Like all sony fanboys keep saying "ps is 2x as powerful,dont mean shit all the games look the same,so you could say xbox is more powerful due to its components being able to produce the same look as ps which is supposed to be 2x as powerful as the x1.

The fact is both companys used shit custom hardware with bottle necks everywhere,defend sony as much as you want but if its so easy to 1080p at all times why cant it?....admittidly it does it easier than x1...but so what?

From what ive read fanboys are praising DC for its 1080p,where everyone else is saying the rest of the game stinks.

Is 1080p all that matters to ps fanboys,coz thats how it seems?

This gen so far has been a bit of a bad joke imo,and i think the next gen is gonna come quicker than this gen did 5 yrs is my guess.

How dated are both systems gonna be in 5 yrs?.

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Tsar4ever011463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Would be nice if the hardware revised PS4 would be 1TB or 2TB hdd versions plus with all ps4 systems cpu software update clocked to match xb1 or to 1.9ghz. It's not like it can't be done, the sdk Dev kits optimal clock tops at 2.7ghz.

ashcroft1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

While it would be nicer to include models with larger storage, it would also be much more expensive than replacing the hard drive yourself.

HDD sales happen so often online, make sure you grab a 9,5mm drive (anything bigger and it won't fit) and you're good to go.

It's very easy to do and Sony condones it.

Also they've ran stress tests on their cpus and made sure temps were on a respectable level. If they soft update to a higher clock speed, there's a chance temps would get higher than the current cooling on the ps4 could handle. More issues, more money Sony needs to throw = less profit = higher costs.

Don't try to fix something that's not broken. Microsoft learned from the RROD and managed to put a beast for a cooler, so a slight bump is not an issue.

Doing it on the ps4 is not even worth the risk for such a small overclock.

rainslacker1462d ago

The clock increase wouldn't mean much for games, since they're made to run at the current clock speed. Might be nice for random UI surfing, but it's already pretty snappy. Upping the clock speed would actually reduce chip yield though, so it would increase costs, instead of decreasing them, which is the point in remodels, other than reliability issues, with the PS4 isn't really suffering from.

As far as hard drives, the prices haven't dropped that much since the PS4's release. I'd imagine that vendor prices are still about the same. Sony may be getting a better price now due to really high volume however, or supply may be constrained and they may have to spend more. A upping of hard drive size would be passed onto the customer if history is anything to go by. I would imagine by next E3, when they announce their next bundles/SKU's we'll see larger HD sizes though.

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