Am I the Only Person Who Disliked Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor?

Darren from The Gamers Lounge writes "Although Monolith's adventure into Mordor was well received amongst most critics for it's impressive gameplay, the lack of a deep storyline left me struggling to make it through the game. Is it fair to give a game high review ratings simply based on gameplay, or have gamers' standards lowered enough so that a story no longer matters?"

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porkChop1492d ago

No, you're not. But you're one of the very, very few. I'm loving the game.

fei-hung1492d ago

I would have preferred it had it had less stealth and a proper hack and slash combat system instead of the batman one. The story also got boring after the first few missions. However, all my friends loved the game. Each to their own :)

pkb791492d ago

The stealth and batman style combat kept me away from this game. But I'm sure it will make it's way from a discount bin to my gaming collection in the next year or two.

UnHoly_One1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Not to discount your opinion, but the game only had as much stealth as you wanted it to have.

VERY few missions actually REQUIRED you to remain undetected.

That is one of my favorite parts of the game, actually. One thing that I hate about recent AC games is "insta-fail" stealth missions.

This is why I still maintain that the early AC games are the best ones. It was definitely better to take a stealthy approach, but if you got your cover blown, you could fight your way through regardless. You didn't just have to retry.

thekhurg1492d ago

I hated the game - but people I know really liked it.

Different tastes in gaming.

fei-hung1491d ago

You are right about the stealth but it is oft the best tactic to use or else you get overwhelmed by orcs and those beasts.

There is something very gratifying about sitting a top a ruin and drop stealth killing a captain.

However playing it like Darksiders would have been so gratifying. I think I'm one of the very few people who loved Darksiders, especially the sequel.

Dirtnapstor1491d ago

My only complaint is that you slow-walk unless your running. Too slow.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1492d ago

I'm not a fan of Lord of the Rings and all that, so I passed on the game. Everything I've read and heard the game has been great, but I just can't get into that game's environment.

-EvoAnubis-1492d ago

Right there with you. LotR just isn't that big of a deal to me. I might eventually add this to my GameFly queue just to see what it's like (I've heard awesome things about the Nemesis System), but it's not really that high on my priority list.

grailly1492d ago

The Lord of the Rings name is just there for selling the game. The game itself really doesn't care about the lore; the story is ridiculous and the main character makes no sense in the universe.

UnHoly_One1491d ago

Honestly I think you can get a ton of enjoyment out of the game without caring one bit that it is within the LOTR world.

I'm no fan of comic book heroes, and I played the Arkham games just because I tried their demos and they were fun.

Half of the villains I'd never ever heard of before, and I didn't really care, the games were just plain fun. I think the same would apply here.

KiwiViper851491d ago

If no-one told you it was LotR, you probably wouldn't even notice it is.

nX1491d ago

I don't care much about LOTR but I enjoyed Shadow Of Mordor immensly. It is an incredibly polished action game with great character progression and a groundbreaking Nemesis system that can be adapted in many other genres and games. I hope we'll see an even more ambitious sequel of this game in a few years.

Syleros1491d ago

Show me anywhere in the title where it says Lord of the Rings. Not picking up this game because it is the lords of the Rings universe, is like not playing arkham city, because superman for n64 was fucking awful. 2 entirly different games. Same universe though.

Yes I understand it's technically Lord of the Rings, but the story has nothing to do with those stupid habits, and should be taken as an entirley different cup of tea.

Again, not discrediting anyone's opinion, but if your reason is "I don't like Lord of the rings" think again, cause I fucking hate Lord of the Rings, but this game is so fun and dynamic.

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BeefCurtains1492d ago

I really enjoyed the game play, tons of fun and cool ways to be creative in missions.. But that story telling and ending... Yeeeesh, they were terrible.

If you disagree with me on the story telling and ending, I'm guessing you haven't beat it yet.

Also, the graphics in some cut scenes looked worse than in other parts, was that just me?

UnHoly_One1491d ago

I was perfectly fine with the way the story played out, but I'm admittedly not a huge LOTR fan, so I didn't have problems with the Lore like some people did.

SkippyPaccino1491d ago

I was sooo hyped for this game, got it day one (my copies actually arrived a day early) played it for 4 days and I haven't went back since except for once to show my buddy and father in-law. I played probably 25% of the missions and unlocked all spawn points (to make traversal faster) and I didn't get board, I just can't find the motivation to finish... Not sure if it's my age (31)or that the crop of games this year have been underwhelming. Same thing happened to me with Watchdogs.

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Garethvk1492d ago

No, I was bored with it during our playtest at PAX Prime.

grailly1492d ago

I would guess that the game doesn't demo too well. I didn't have that much fun with it at the beginning, but once you get how it works, it's a blast.

Garethvk1492d ago

It looked great but as I asked them, so all I do is travel around looking for various Orcs and their leaders and pick them off. They dodged the questions.

UnHoly_One1491d ago

There is more to it than that, as you are progressing through the actual missions, although if you enjoy the combat, it can be super fun to just go after the different captains like that.

TheJacksonRGN1492d ago

No you are not. This is obvious click bait as you are asking a dumb question you already know the answer to. No single game exist that everyone likes. You know the general consensus for this game is a positive one so you throw this out there to get those who disagree with you to give you hits.

You are entitled to your opinion at the end of the day though. But that question in your title is unnecessary and dumb.

TheJacksonRGN1492d ago

I'm fine sir, not upset at all just made an observation and offered my thoughts. He asked question and I answered it. Sorry if that upset you.

ThatOneGuyThere1491d ago

"This is obvious click bait as you are asking a dumb question you already know the answer to."

While you are correct that the author is signaling for a response, there is nothing dumb about it. Its blatantly obvious that he doesn't think he is literally the only person alive who dislikes this game. He is suggesting it is how it feels given all of the hype and bloated review scores for what, in his opinion, is a pretty average game. You're overly aggressive stance against him suggesting that isn't necessary in this situation.

Exies71492d ago

Nope. But I loved it.

Anon19741491d ago

Playing the hell out of it right now. So far it's my favorite game I've played this year. Love the stealth aspect of the game. I'm just about 20 hours into the game at the moment and about halfway done (according to my progress meter, but I'm having fun and taking my time) and can't get enough. Wish I was playing it right now. :)

I'm sure it's not for everyone though.

Toiletsteak1492d ago

I thought the game was awesome the final fight was a bit meh though.

Moe-Gunz1492d ago

Just beat the final boss. I went from "that can't be it" to "seriously?"

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