New Assassin's Creed Unity Gameplay Shows Off Murder Mysteries And Free Roaming Paris

Check out new Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay, which shows off Arno's hunt for criminals and murderers in the seedier parts of Paris.

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Rickgrimes951186d ago

This, far cry 4, gta v, the wolf among us on ps4 haven't played that yet November is awesome

George Sears1186d ago

Pre ordered the Collectors Edition on Amazon. Can't wait.

Helloween131186d ago

The game looks ugly compared to Black Flag

bloop1186d ago

You need to get your eyes checked.

bixxel1185d ago

Yeah.He's got Vitamin E deficiency.

A2X_1186d ago

I can tell he is by the tone of his voice.

BattleTorn1186d ago

The video was very low quality. You can tell because even the HUD button-prompts were blurry

bixxel1185d ago

More importantly it's not NEW GAMEPLAY.Because it's a mixture of footages from Connected Digital World and X Box exclusive bundle package...

starchild1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Yeah, your eyes are broken, you need to get those fixed.

Black Flag was a good looking game, but Unity is significantly improved in multiple areas: scale, character models, hair, skin shaders, physically based rendering, screen space reflections, environment density, seamless interiors, more accurate global illumination with sky occlusion, number of NPCs rendered on screen, etc. Unity is, without a shadow of a doubt, a much more graphically advanced game. It looks incredible.

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--bienio--1186d ago

Canot listen this guy...

matrixman921186d ago

idk...ive actually kind of gotten used to it now lol

Speak_da_Truth1186d ago

Too bad when The devs said the kept the game the same for every system I cancelled my pre order and now i have no time to get it so I'll just not get it at launch.

starchild1186d ago

Well, they never actually said that. But go ahead and miss out on what is likely a good game, it's your loss.

They referred to the same specs which likely meant the same resolution/framerate target, not that the game is literally identical in every way on all platforms.

We already know the PC version is using exclusive graphical features not found in either console version, and I'm sure the PS4 version will have some advantages over the XB1 version. But yeah, freak out, dude, all because the resolution is the same.

Scatpants1185d ago

Have fun being steadfast in your pointless convictions. I'll have fun playing this game.

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