New screens show off Everstar, a new PS4, Xbox One and PC RPG from Ex-Bioware developers

Check out some new screenshots of Everstar, a new RPG for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Neoninja1519d ago

The screens look interesting. I'm wondering if its gonna be similar to KOTOR. Going to keep my eyes on this one.

Tex1171519d ago

With that pedigree of developers, I want it!

Spenok1518d ago

I agree. I'm kind of surprised at the graphical quality of the games given the degree of people behind it.

However with that said, graphics have NEVER made a game fun, and never will. I have, and always will say that. So I shall keep my eye on it and see how it turns out.

trywizardo1519d ago

those screens reminds me of kingdom of amalure and that makes me want to play this game :D

Errefus1519d ago

Reminds me a little of the fable game for Xbox one. The game looks interesting, and looks like it could be a fun game for co-op.

porkChop1519d ago

Seems like a cool game, though I'm not really into caricature-type art styles.

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