On #Gamergate - Communication not conflict is the only way forwards now

Dealspwn: "It's crunch time, really. Time to move the conversation away from a social media convenience and have a discussion in more than 140 characters. The hashtag can't be saved, but gamer culture can. Gamergate as a collection of people is not a hate group, but as a consumer movement its brand has been irrevocably tarnished."

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arbitor3651492d ago

from day one, the media has not wanted any communication with #gamergate supporters. most sites dont even allow discussion of it in their forums. barely any news outlets allow #gamergate supports air time or even acknowledge any of their arguments when making articles on the topic.

and yet our numbers are still growing. because we have the ability to bypass the smear campaign being levied at us. the internet is a very difficult place to censor.